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The Divine Right Of Cain

Gaius wakes with a start, still in Gina's cell, and Cain is looming. "Can you get it to roll over? Beg?" She tosses him the recon photos, and then starts the creepy slow burn she's so good at: "You know this thing used to sit in our mess and eat our food? Listen to our stories. Didn't you? You just sat there, listening to us, pretending to be our friend." Cain starts kicking Gina really hard, and Gaius begs her to stop, saying that any physical contact will set his efforts back. Um, she knew that, dude. She just didn't care. Cain spits on Gina and leaves. I never really thought about this until now, but even the abuse makes another kind of sense, given that you not only have a physical example of the people that destroyed humanity, but also the out clause of her being a robot. It's way more complicated than this, of course, but I'd never imagined her as just a punching bag with like Osama's face glued on. Seems like just yesterday I was getting all incensed over the shooting gallery in the Galactica, with Boomer's pictures on the targets. Those targets don't have feelings or real thoughts either, right? How much is it really just a difference of degree? After a few seconds Gina jumps Gaius and chokes him for a while, and then jumps off, and they both scatter to opposite walls. Gina: "I want to die. Will you help me do that? Will you kill me, please?" Won't she just wake up in another...? That's not what she means.

Over in Chief's hangar, Laird's reporting to Adama that all the "birds" are in the air for "the attack thing." He stumbles over his "sir"s and "yes sir"s and Adama takes Cally aside, having realized that Laird is not military. In fact, the way Adama works, I'd be willing to bet he's got this whole "stripping the ships" thing about four-fifths down, and hasn't made the jump to that last fifth merely because it's just too awful. Cally mentions that he was on the Scylla, as a civilian aeronautical engineer, before he got "drafted" onto what's technically the Pegasus, although Laird's story demands we call it the Charybdis at least once before all is said and done. "Scuttlebutt is that the Pegasus used to have a civilian Fleet, but something happened to them." Which is actually WAY worse than what I thought, which was that the Pegasus was just running across civilian leftover ships and ripping them up as she flew. Which is bad enough. The idea that Roslin, and responsibility to the civilians she represents, made the difference for Galactica; that kind of drops off here. The fact that Cain had her own Fleet just like ours means this is even more strongly an issue of character rather than humanizing circumstance -- that Adama and Cain are very, very different, like in a full-on nature v. nurture way. Which is fine, it's just not how I saw this going. It's better. You know, this is the first time I've listened to the podcast before writing the recap, and I've gotta say it's exactly like I thought it would be: like if my own ChipSix had a goatee and a devilish grin, and I don't know which are my thoughts and which are things I've absorbed, and I won't be doing it again. I get confused enough just being me.

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