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The Garden Of The Scar

There is a comfort in being a victim, and there is a comfort in living out a narrative you don't control, but it's childish to stay there.

It looks like it hurts, and it scares everybody else, but that's the truth and the Maelstrom of the truth. It is also necessary: there comes a time when the projections fall away, and all you see is the stark scar of truth, the blankness of the screen you've been projecting on. It burns bright as stars and it burns just as deep; change feels like dying because it is. It is also the only thing that can happen next, unless you want to sleep forever. And that? The horror of that? That's the good news.

Waking from the dream that controls you -- and finding a dream to guide you -- is waking from a garden to a scar.


A body vents from the Basestar; a single Viper pilot makes the leap for the last time. That's one name on Saul Tigh's heart, and on the heart of the President of the Twelve Colonies, who hears about it first from Three.

"Oh, Mr. President, there has been a change of plans. I've just executed the first of the Colonial hostages. Another will follow every quarter hour until our people come home." Lee begs for a chance but she's already rung off. He slams down the phone and meets his father's eyes. "All right then Admiral, you're a go for the rescue mission. If it fails... " He is full of regret. This already is the bad step on the ugly path. "...Destroy the Baseship." Tigh shivers. The Admiral accedes. The Colonel is already singing his Breakaway Song, and nobody can hear it.

Chief Laird cobbles half a wing together; Figurski grits at Galen but he can't hear anything anymore; the music's got him too. As Starbuck and Athena brief the pilots, it reaches Sam. Tigh stands on the bridge, caught between knowing and not knowing, when the music catches up with him. Dualla stands near him and hears nothing at all. And on the rebel Basestar, home, Tory falls back against Leoben, swooning, her body alive with it.

The three that are left converge on Kara's shiny Viper in a storage room off the hangar deck; Tigh as usual gets us on the right track immediately: "All right. Anyone know what the frak we're doing here?" Sam touches it; he doesn't know. It was a compulsion. Something has changed. Galen can't figure it. Sam wonders if Kara can help them, and Tigh makes the call. "Well, go find her. See what she can tell you. But hurry up. A lot of good people are gonna die." He heads out. A lot of good people are gonna die. And Tigh knows who the next will be.

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