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The Garden Of The Scar

And Tigh becomes what he's feared since the Nebula, and walks into it willingly, to save their lives.

I mean to say that, after all, Saul Tigh will be the man who killed the Admiral. It is the bravest thing he's ever done.


The Final Four song goes totally awesome crazy as Saul makes his way through the corridors, that heavy-metal riff that played us out as Kara came back from the dead now plays out in massive drums. It's fabulous. It should be. Saul Tigh is a man who pulled his own heart out of his chest and killed it, to save the woman he loved. He's spent every moment since then disgusting to himself; even after he learned what he was he couldn't have hated himself more. If the only thing that kept Tory even slightly hinged was Laura, that was only for two years; think about how much longer this bridge has been built. See how it has to burn.

You know the scariest thing Carolanne used to tell Lee when he was little? "Your father is waiting for you in the study." And he'd make the long walk, from the temple to the altar, and stand before that desk, and that chair. Tigh couldn't even look at it, when Bill and Laura were missing. And now he's come to stand before it.

His heart -- what's left of it -- is in his throat -- what's left of it -- as he enters Adama's quarters and tells him immediately to scrub the rescue mission. "The Cylons will kill every Godsdamn hostage before we put one pair of boots aboard their ship. Laura Roslin will be the next to die, Bill." Adama shuts off the wireless and asks Saul for options. He's so sad, and so scared, and so much stronger than anyone knew.

"Yeah. I should've told you when I first found out, but I didn't have the guts." He falls silent, disgusted with himself on both sides of this truth. Adama asks now, worried, what's wrong. Saul's ashamed; he loves him so much. There is a snake in him, about to strike. "Remember back at the Nebula when I told you about that frakkin' music? I thought it was in the ship. I was wrong. It was a signal. Some kind of crazy, frakked-up Cylon signal. Switched me on." Bill stares. "I can't turn it off."

Bill takes off his glasses. "Switched you on." Tigh nods. "Like Boomer. I'm one of the Five." Bill gets angry. Not at Saul, not at Saul's weakness or his lack of judgment or the fact that toaster sex seems to drive everybody crazy, but the craziness itself: Bill gets angry at the snake coiled in his best friend's guts. "The Five." Tigh agrees; Bill stands up, pissed as hell. "Quit frakkin' with me. Colonel, I've known you for thirty years..." Nothing, until the Nebula. Bill comes around the table, moved already to bargaining. "Think about this. When I met you, you had hair. I never heard of a Cylon aging." This will be a checklist, because it's a Weddle/Thompson script, all tell no show, so any doubts you've ever had, now we list and ignore or explain them. "Doesn't mean they don't. Before the attack on the Colonies, we didn't know skinjobs existed. Turns out there's another kind of Cylon we didn't know about. And I'm one of them."

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