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The Garden Of The Scar

Kara runs, memorizing yet more helpful Samoan phrases for the single traveler. Tu'u atu lou ma:navaga mulimuli: "Give your last breath." Mo le fatu o le taua: "To the seed of war." Ta:tou fai fa'atasi 'uma: "So say we all."

The door closes on Tigh, inside the launch tube; Galen nods at him, all black humor wiped from his sad, young eyes: Keep the faith. Tigh faces the closed door, his back to the night and to the firmament and to his death. Lee watches him silently.

Up in the sky, Gaius tries to get through: "Brute force did not work for you on New Caprica. It didn't work for you on the Algae Planet. So why is it gonna work for you now?" Three thinks, and mourns; the pain is how we learn. "Imagine a black stone and a white stone," he's saying, "And the space between them."

In that space, Kara runs.

Tigh waits. Lee swallows his heart. "Give me the key," he says, and Dualla does. The board goes red. The lights flash. Tigh doesn't look; Lee nearly weeps.

Kara runs. She should be in like Georgia by now.

Three is stricken; Eight is unsure as she confirms weapons lock on the civilian ships. Three is worried; the launch tube board is green. Tigh finally looks at him: "What are you waiting for, Apollo? Do it!" And Kara finally runs in, breathless and terrified, for all of them, and all of us. For Saul and for Sam and for Galen, she has run. "Lee, stop! Stop, stop!" She turns the key in his hand. "Those three frakkin' Cylons just gave us Earth!"

They stare at Saul through the glass; Saul stares back. Tell me chair.


On the hangar deck -- while, I guess, the Cylons just kind of sit tight and think about some stuff, or just chat about stepping back from the brink of a fourth nuclear annihilation of humanity, or like answer their emails -- Lee watches the Viper's needle; how it goes around and around. "Well, it's a Colonial emergency locator signal. And no other wireless in the Fleet is picking this up?" Kara nods: Gaeta confirmed it, the channel's otherwise empty. "It's gotta be a signal from Earth," she says, which Lee pronounces "reaching" because suddenly he's going to Scully of all people Kara Thrace. I mean, I guess I can see that now that he's pretty much the President and the Admiral for the next hour or two he's getting hardcore and suddenly empirical or whatever, but maybe that's reaching too.

Then, then, the thing I hate most in the entire universe of television, where it Makes Sense Don't It, and basically what I am not recapping in this paragraph as Lee climbs down out of the magical mystery Viper is Kara recapping the entire torturous history of her whole thing with the dying and the Earth and the visions and the painting and the Hybrid and whatever, and Lee -- again, out of nowhere -- goes, I'm not kidding: "And now we're starting to get messages from the beyond." All snide. As though he has never seen one second of this goddamn show, he says this. Dude, we've been getting "messages from the beyond" since before the show started, and you know that. You committed sedition and led a mutiny that split the Fleet in thirds and turned you against your own father because of them, you visited Kara in the brig a few episodes ago to congratulate her on them, and then admitted your own self that you were leaving the military and embarking on a political career out of nowhere because of them. Of all the bastards on this show to be the straw-man for this scene, I ask you. For being such a good Apollo episode this sure is a shitty Apollo episode.

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