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The Garden Of The Scar

Now I know you're asking yourself, "How can this be?" Didn't Three just say a second ago that she doesn't trust the humans as far as she can throw them, because she expects them to hold a grudge about the whole genocide/rape camp/space chase/concentration camp/as-recent-as-five-minutes-ago nuclear attack thing? And wasn't she kind of right about that? And, um, doesn't humanity kind of have a point about how all that stuff happened and the Cylon still don't really seem to grasp why that's a problem? Well, let me tell you: it is not a problem. Simple as that. Thank gosh for Lee Adama, who is here to explain that to us, in short words that are easy to understand.

"Not if we make up our minds to change. Take a different path. Right here, right now. You were afraid we'd kill these Four, and yet, here they are standing behind you. Free to go. Or stay. I've granted them an amnesty. So the question is, where do we go from here?"

I don't know. Hell? You can both go to hell, a little bit, for turning from characters who made sense even earlier in the hour, to cardboard answers to a question nobody needed to ask. I mean, I actually made it unspoiled this time so I was of course blown away by the story, and pretty much stuff I'd resigned to getting to finally see -- like this scene, particularly -- when I was old and gray, so I was absolutely thrilled to see what I thought would be the last ten episodes, crushed down into a single act or two. And I love the idea that, even with some straggling pain and messy loose ends, the thrust will change again. That didn't occur to me. But I knew what I was getting, and what it was made out of, and it's disappointingly cheap to get it this way: "We have a limited amount of time left to get to the big shocking WTF reveal, so just get convinced already, for no real reason at all, even though we were fighting each other on this moments ago for no real reason at all, to the point of getting into a cold war hostage situation with real live nuclear weapons for no real reason at all and a threat level of zero."

So she does. She just ... decides that there is magic and that humans actually don't have any issues with getting murdered and raped by the millions and that Lee knows what he's talking about. Three looks at him, wanting to believe, across the chessboard. She locks eyes with Kara. who looks across at Sam, who looks away, and then to Tigh, who is lost. It's not that he can't make it without Bill; it's just who would want to? "All right," she says, "I'll release your crew. We go to Earth together." And Lee comes forward -- worrying the Eight -- two steps, with a hand out. She takes it, in the light.

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