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The Garden Of The Scar


Adama is in a bathrobe looking a hot mess while Lee points at a map on the table. "We've projected a course toward the signal. It'll probably take some revising as we go, but...this is our destination right here. Earth. So... What are your orders, Admiral?" Bill can barely form words, much less a thought. Much less orders. "Are you ready to take us to our new home?" His great head nods, nearly down onto his chest. "Hmm. I don't know."

"You don't know what, hmm? What don't you know about?" Laura sits down beside him, looking at him, full of love. He smiles like a broken boy. "It's good to see you." His head hurts; he gathers his robe tighter. She steels herself and looks into his eyes. "Bill... This is it. This is it. This is everything that we have been working for. I want to see you pick up that first fistful of Earth. Come on." Just get convinced already. So he does. He looks from her, to Lee, and thinks a moment. "Be back," he grunts, and shuffles off.

Laura's grim: "I see." Lee nods, and thanks her. She thanks him back, for calling her. For bringing the family to bear on the situation. They sit with that. "Anyway, I'm glad to see you again, Madam President. And so is the Quorum. And I guess I just finished the shortest Presidency in Colonial history!" She tells him not to look so relieved: "You were dealt a crisis and you knew exactly what to do. You faced it boldly. This Fleet is going to need that kind of leadership in the days to come, so you are not off the hook yet." (Or as Captain Apollo once said, "Don't get too comfortable. This old junker I'm in was meant for show, not combat.") But because we're still working the felt projection, he starts crying and thanking her for saying that, or for having cancer, or whatever. Bill suddenly springs into the room completely dressed and snazzy and frisky, talking about "You gonna sit here flapping your lips or are we gonna go find Earth," and Lee and Laura smile at each other smarmily about this newfound, totally contrived lease on life he's got, which wouldn't seem so fake if his breakdown hadn't been so drama-queeny in the first place frankly, or if all of this hadn't felt like a checklist of things that needed to happen getting checked off as they happened, or as good as happened, or by the end of the episode happened by virtue of the show slapping you around the face and telling you what was happening instead of letting it happen like the very clearly labeled food in Repo Man, and Lee brings up recon for Earth and Bill tells him to frak it.

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