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The Garden Of The Scar

"This is the end of the line. We've got nowhere else to go. And if we give the alliance too much time it'll fall apart again. Gotta roll the hard six. We all go together. As fast as we can." He turns to go; there is more condescending and smarmy smiling; all these people are assholes and they deserve what they get.


You should really read Bear's blog, especially this week. The way he talks about scoring is almost as moving as the scores he's talking about. The rest of the episode, save the last minute, is one five-minute-long composition that pretty much totally rocks. He describes an oratorio as "a composition for orchestra and choir that also features soloists" and thinks of the form as "an opera without the physical staging or blocking." That's fun. Also, it's the only time anything remotely happy or uplifting happens on this entire show, so it's kind of like hearing a whole other Bear.

Finis itineris

Journey's end. Galactica is surrounded by ships of the Fleet, flying up against a sun. In CIC, with Laura and Lee standing by. Dualla reports the Fleet is in jump formation, and the board is green. "Very well," says Adama, who needs to give lessons in trauma recovery. "Madam President, without you we wouldn't have made it." He means it in many ways, and has to wait it out a moment. "Give the order."

Viatores fatigati venientes ad litus longe distantem

Weary travelers approach a distant shore. Laura looks away, with tears in her eyes; she swallows the enormity. She is breathless with it. "...It's been a long time coming. Okay. ...Take us to Earth." They nod to each other, sweetly; Lee looks down. He is overcome. Dualla counts us down from five. Jump.

The Fleet jumps in, full of joy and the most beautiful music. Gaeta pronounces dradis clear, and Hoshi checks for all the Fleet. Bill tells Gaeta to take his time confirming their position: "Get it right," he says, almost mirthfully.

Collinae virentes superstant nebulam tristem

Verdant peaks pierce the melancholy haze. Laura gets the chance to hope. Hoshi rings the bell for the Fleet, all present and accounted for. Slowly, loving this, Gaeta turns as the music waits for him, in a single high note, to confirm the constellations from the Tomb. "Visible constellations are a match," he finally says, and the music goes wild again.

Earth lies in the sky, beautiful, with the Fleet beside her as the music rises.

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