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The Garden Of The Scar

Dies surgit unda matutina

The sky breaks like a wave. Dualla watches, touched, as Adama picks up the PA and addresses humanity. Gaius's people lift their heads, and hearts: "Three years ago, I promised to lead you to a new home." On the deck they listen carefully; they love him: "We've endured a difficult journey."

Omnes passi sumus multa

We have all suffered. Athena listens: "We've all lost, we've all suffered..."

Omnes superviximus

We have all survived. Hotdog smiles, in the racks: "And the truth is, I questioned whether this day would ever come." Kara shines: "But today, our journey is at an end." Lee and Laura: "We have arrived... At Earth."

Veniums Terram

We have arrived at Earth. One of his hands is already in hers; he puts down the phone and they embrace. Lee's tears well up, uncontrollable. A cry of joy and applause ring out across the Fleet. Hoshi and Gaeta rejoice, if you know what I mean. Lee climbs onto the CIC console, whooping like the mad dork he is, and whips his jacket off, over the assembled crew.

Fratres sororesque, inimici et amici, osculamini domum venimus

Brothers and sisters, enemies and friends: Embrace! For we have come home. A deckhand osculates Figurski's resistant face. The Daru Mozu men cheer, all along the tylium belt.

Iam plango

Yet I weep. Galen holds his son in his lap, and kisses him warmly.

The pilots go crazy. Hotdog is a little choked up. Athena and Helo kiss, with their child in his arms.

Iam plango

Yet I weep. Gaius leads his people; they raise their arms in thanks.

Non mortuos sed implacatos

Not for the fallen, but for the unforgiven. Tigh sits alone, in his rack, staring down another bottle.

Collinae virentes nos excipient

Green hills await. Kara stands in the Hall of Remembrance, looking at Kat's picture. Her only family left, beyond the Adamas and Laura. "We made it, kid," she grins sadly. And yet I weep. Sam approaches and stands by her, guilty and in love. She doesn't look, but she knows he's there. Tell me chair.

Roslin weeps, against the console; her form too small to hold its greatness. Lee and Bill embrace. Adama is quiet, and proud, tears on his cheeks: "We did it." But Lee knows better: "You did it."

Earth. Blue ocean, white fluffy clouds, drawing nearer as we fade.

Vento sequente caeli aperient

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