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The Garden Of The Scar

With wind at our backs, the heavens part


As we approach.


There's something I have to tell you. Come.

Lacuna. The ships drop through atmosphere, down and down, shuttles and transports and things, away from Galactica and into the atmosphere, tenderly supersonic, through fluffy clouds and blue skies, joyfully as they fly.

Kara Thrace will lead the human race to its end.

Bill Adama, hand bandaged, picks up a fistful of Earth. A Geiger counter held by a Marine croaks out its deathsong. He drops the poisoned earth to the ground, disgusted, dreams dead upon the vine. Laura stands beside him, staring out at the greys and blues of their blacks and white Home. "Earth," she says, in disgust and pain and fear and sadness.

She is the herald of the Apocalypse.

Three comes around behind, to stand with them. Her face is stricken; more pained and lost and bereft than we've ever seen her. She looks older somehow; she's lost something. She has lost something beautiful.

The harbinger of death.

Helo and Athena make their way down the coast, in a separate pain. Nobody speaks; nobody looks at anybody else.

They must not follow her.

They walk past Tory Foster, who reaches out to Sam and is rebuffed. His heart is broken. He believed.

Soon there will be Four, glorious in awakening, struggling with the knowledge of their true selves, the pain of revelation bringing new clarity.

Lee walks with a stumbling stutter-step past Gaius, who stares at the ground and sees nothing. No angel comes to comfort him; no dreams or signs of God's mercy, no trumpets. Just the black earth and the white sky and the broken cities of the distance.

And in the midst of confusion, he will find her. Enemies brought together by impossible longing, enemies now joined as one.

Caprica walks past Galen to Tigh, standing as he always does in the middle of the wreckage. She reaches out to touch him, but he doesn't turn. One more heart broken in the search for Earth; one more safe place ruined. Caprica doesn't understand entirely, what this means, what the Colonial word for Home means, because she's the one that took it away. But there is death in her bones now.

The way forward at once unthinkable, yet inevitable.

Anastasia Dualla stands alone, in her own pain. She is the voice that calls them home. Lee stares into the distance, and continues to walk the halls of a long-destroyed temple. Leoben looks at nothing at all. Kara is bedraggled and sad; she walks the halls of the Temple of Aurora and doesn't even recognize them.

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