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In Galactica CIC, Dualla's weekend replacement fauxallas that Ellen's calling from Cloud 9, and gives the call to Tigh and Adama. Ellen squeals about the hostage situation until Sesha takes the phone. "My name is Sesha Abinell. I have seized control of the Cloud 9 lounge...and held the people in it hostage." Adama is awesome, signaling to Gaeta to pick up an extension with one hand while taking notes with the other. Tigh asks what she wants, and there's flashback again to Ray getting spaced. Sesha: "This is not about what I want. The Colonial Fleet has become a Cylon-occupied territory. You are working in collusion with a Cylon agent -- the very same model of a Cylon who tried to murder you, Admiral Adama, on your own ship. We want Sharon Valerii. You have two hours." She hangs up and Tigh synchronizes swatches. I've just noticed that Adama has scratch-proof, glare-proof lenses on his glasses. That is fucking hilarious. Adama orders Gaeta to ready a précis on Sesha Abinell.

Commercials: Everyone on Stargate: Atlantis seems to be inordinately charming, even the guest stars. Too bad I will never, ever see them in action. The price of being cookie-cutter sci fi TV show with no ambition is becoming a sacrifice to my very busy schedule. Also, Gunn is back on TV in a capacity having to do with young lawyers. I wonder if they're the kind that started out vampire-hunting street kids, too. From the presence of the hated Balfour, I imagine that could easily play a role of some kind.

Back to CIC, where Gaeta runs down the Sesha sitch: widowed ten weeks ago when a Raider Fleet took out part of the Greenleaf. Adama murmurs, "Widow." Yeah. Adama gaetas for the personnel currently on Cloud 9: "Captain Adama, half a Marine squad, and Starbuck's already there on R&R." Of course, Adama and Tigh make many worried faces about all that, knowing Lee's Spawn-like ability to get into trouble, but Adama doesn't miss a beat, reaching for his best weapon without even looking: "Get me Starbuck right away."

Apollo is inside the walls now, searching for environmental sensors. "Take a sip of carbon dioxide," he fronts at the inanimate object.

Meanwhile, Thug Vinson has remembered that Lee was with Ellen, and sends poor Chu to check it out. He stage-whispers, "Kern, there's an awful lot of military types here." Vinson explains that Chu has now grasped the entire point, and then pushes him down, all mean. He ends up bleeding. Vinson sends Thug #3, name of "Page," to investigate. Billy watches Sesha continue to freak out as Page checks the stalls one by one, then gets jumped by Lee.

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