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Which at least Sesha gets to say, beefing up her side of the ordeal a strong amount: "And maybe you are just missing the point. You were infiltrated. You. The military." A tear runs down Sesha's cheek, because it's not just God that let her down when Ray died, it was the entire universe, and the government, and the military, the people whose job it is basically to keep the Cylons from killing her husband. This is what a personal Apocalypse looks like for real, and what happens when you paint the whole world that same color. "And you are being infiltrated again right now. You can sit there and pretend you know what you're doing, but you do not." Sesha's face goes into crazy palsy during this scene. Delany is awesome; she's so there right now, with that schizoid facial distortion, that anger rictus that only the truly crazy can actually get into when they're not acting. "You are being played. And the rest of us do not want to go down with your ship. I want this air system restored right now. One person comes in alone, fixes it, leaves. Anything goes wrong, somebody gets hurt, it's on your head." Which it always is, which is her whole problem. But since she can't beat up Adama, she'll settle for a Boomer piñata. Adama hangs up on her crazy ass and fauxallas for an open direct line to the lounge. Tigh, sadly resigned and quiet, asks what they'll do. Adama replies that they will be fixing the air system, to stall the eventual denouement, because only Starbuck can help him figure out that this is all Lee's doing, because he neither knows nor understands his son. Adama actually believes that there's a CO2 problem, instead of just assuming, as Kara does, Lee's competence.

Sesha gets her shit somewhat together; Ellen continues to lose hers all over the place.

Adama: "Saul, we can't give her Sharon. I hope you know that, right?" Tigh's aware, and for once I'm on his hard-ass side: "We can't start dealing with the terrorists. We start now, it'll open the floodgates, and it'll never stop." All good. "By the way? It's not 'Sharon.' It's a frackin' Cylon." Which is really just another way of spelling "what the hell," because Tigh's not operating from a character place with this sudden pissy obsession on Adama's ambivalence about Sharon; he's carrying the burden of the plot. Again. (Tigh's also Irish again...Oh, you know what? He's from Ontario, actually. I knew that, but I sadly did not know that if you talk Canadian enough, it becomes Irish, so I was confused. I think I can get there, though, through the power of imagination.) Adama, re: the Sharon v. Cylon of Boomer: "You don't think I know that?" And Tigh hands it to us, just like Adama just did with Sesha: "I think there's part of you that looks into that thing's eyes and still sees that young girl that reported aboard two years ago as a rook pilot. Well, it's not. It never was. Bill, it's a machine." You know what, I'm going to have to slap a bitch if it turns out that this ties in with the Kara/Sharon scene in "Scar," like, "They were all getting fooled! Even Adama and Kara got fooled! But they should not have been! No treating Prisoners Of War like people! They are for violating and airlocking! Whee-hoo! Oh wait, we were wrong, sentient beings deserve basic rights. Gotcha twice!"

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