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Hi, Billy...

Burrel grabs Starbuck and heads for the door, and she and Lee consider each other in slow motion. Burrel gets shot in the leg, and he and Starbuck both go down near the door, which Sesha activates. They kick out and the door shuts behind them, Billy and Dualla and critically-injured Lee still inside.

Dualla crawls awkwardly over to Lee as Sesha flips over the dead crim, Page. With one hand applying pressure, she orders Billy to fetch shirts and towels for bandages. He considers the goons and their guns, and to the tune of Apollo bleeding out and groaning, Dualla screams at him again. Vinson tells him to stay down, and Billy applies that hissing rage he's been carrying around since the first scene: "You still want the Cylon? Do you? Because if the Admiral's son dies, you're not gonna get a deal, you get that? If he dies, you're not gonna get what you want." Which is why you don't shoot hostages. Sesha gives consent and Vinson looks at Billy a second before lowering the gun. The really suck thing about this is the futility. Sesha, Vonson, Chu, the other guy -- they're all clearly going to die in a hail of bullets, and the real question is who they take down with them. But for what? So that Adama will stop telling Boomer all his secrets while they do each other's hair? It's the old Job deal all over again: if God doesn't protect you from the Devil, then clearly they are in league, and you have to pull the whole thing down. Milton too: if Adama can't protect you, even with all his propaganda otherwise, then clearly, that was never his aim, and he has betrayed you to the one you hate the most. Billy stares them down. The anger in this kid. It's not just adrenaline -- he just got proven right on the worst day of his life. How bitter would that be? "Whew, I was right about the Fleet freaking out over Sharon. And now I am going to die alongside the woman I love, who rejected me earlier this week. Not actually a relief on any level. I thought being right felt good."

Starbuck fauxallas back to Galactica CIC and has to tell Adama what happened while Burrel cleans his horrible bloody wounds: "My cover was blown. I had to move. I'm sorry." Adama asks for casualties. "Two Marines, probably least one of the gunmen." She pauses for a long time, staring into space. "And Lee." Bill goes very still. "It was crazy in there, confused. He got hit." Ascertaining that the degree of damage is not something that Starbuck can tell him, Adama does his thing: "Stand by. Hold your position. Make no move unless you hear from me." Starbuck whispers into the walkie. "It was friendly fire." And it's the same old math: is she going to lose Bill too? Again? The man that would put the future of humanity on hold not once but dozens of times because she got a wild hair? Who forgave her for Zak? I don't know what Starbuck's father was like -- I got the impression he was dead, maybe not a great guy (who doesn't like Phillip Glass?) -- but he did a shit job of protecting her, I'll say that much. "Lee got hit by friendly fire. I think it was me." Tigh looks at Bill, and for once it's hard to say whether he feels worse for Adama or Starbuck. Adama: "You have your orders." Act out.

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