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Adama gets a fauxalla from Sesha, and asks her, "How's my son?" He's alive, but two Marines and a dissident are dead, and Lee is dying. Sesha starts pacing, getting back into character for this next step in her big stand against the giant conspiracy that took her husband: "You know, I thought a long time about this. About what I'd do...about how far I'd go...and I honestly did not know until this moment." She signals Chu, who gets Ellen up, screaming awfully, really painfully, and puts a gun to her chin. Ellen: "Saul, give them what they want! It's just a machine!" Adama tells them to cut it out, and says he'll give them the Cylon. Roslin almost rolls her eyes, but relaxes by thinking about how, once this is over, she's airlocking Sesha Abinell so fucking hard, due process's head will spin completely around. "But she won't be alive," Adama adds. Nice, dude.

Of course -- since, unbeknownst to Sesha, she could care less about the actual conspiracy and just wants a piñata -- she starts stressing: "That is not the deal." It's pretty awesome, because Adama's calling her bluff: "Sharon's the problem? She's dead. All better? Next!" But also because it makes the ultimate point, maybe of this entire show: the personal is not political -- that's obsolete, ego-identified Baby Boomer bullshit oversimplified overidentification borne of watching yourself on TV every night -- but the political is always, always personal. It's made up of the personal. Movements are made of individuals with their own concerns, and when those intersect right, you get change. There's a reason economic revolutions are always started by the lowest classes and followed by angry intellectual kids: you don't shift for anybody unless you've got a stake. The political is made up of lots of little personals and they all got there by a different route. Sesha's not rebelling against the collaborationist military or the weak civilian government or even the genocidal Cylons: she's rebelling, period, and that's the same story every time. She's got something to prove, personally, on the personal person of Sharon Valerii, the face of her pain. And if she can't do it, if Adama kills Sharon first, then what the hell is she fighting for? Adama: "You've convinced me that we may have been played. And if that be the case, and she's been playing with me, then I can't take any more chances. So you make up your mind. If you want Sharon Valerii, you can have her. But on my terms. I give you the body, you give me the hostages." This also serves the purpose of making us think that Adama's willing to kill Boomer today, "altar of revenge" or otherwise. More 24. Sesha agrees, because her bluff is called and she's in the kind of weeds that the weeds are scared of being in. Adama, again off-script and in the awesome, crazy Olmos moment: "Cut the wire." Nobody knows what this means. I love Edward James Olmos more than I love most people.

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