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Hi, Billy...

Adama arrives following a force of Marines pushing a gurney down the corridor outside the lounge. There is a covered dead body upon it. He's not wearing his glare-proof glasses, meaning maybe the glare will get all Scott Summers on some people. Starbuck's hanging on the wall outside the lounge, sick and sad, and pulls herself toward him like she's under water: "Admiral. Let me help. Please." He looks into her eyes, so deep, and the love in him is so, so real, because he knows what she's feeling, the hate and the anger she's risked, and with one hand on her tender arm, he murmurs, "Let me take it from here." There is grace in it. Starbuck nods, almost crying, and Adama heads off with the Marines. She's like a bunch of pieces stitched together, but now she can just worry about Lee and the rest, instead of wondering when Adama was going to pop up and choke her like a Boomer model.

Inside, Billy watches a perp pacing up and down the line of hostages. Dualla, still tending Lee, gets very teacher-voice with him: "Stop looking at him, Billy. I can see you watching him. I know you think you can get that gun." Her delivery on this last line is really good, and really unexpected. It's got spin. Billy: "I'm only thinking. In case something happens." They're both being totally nonchalant and whispering in that way hostages have of not looking each other in the eye. "No. You're not a soldier. You're not trained for that. You've got nothing to prove." Even Dualla is better trained than Billy is; she's making the right call, of course. But his line is telling: "I know." Wow. That's looking it right in the face, isn't it? Dualla watches Billy's face, knowing he's about to try something. Don't be a hero, Billy.

Vinson opens the door to Adama and the Marines, and they wheel in the body. Billy stands. Sesha unveils the body, and sees Sharon Valerii's broken, gross face. She pulls out a gun, and shoots the body twice, shaking, tears running down her face. Even now, she had to do it. She had to have the physical experience, corpse or not. "It's over." Vinson realizes that there's something wrong with the body as the music goes nuts, Billy makes ready, Dualla freaks out, the Marines start moving in. "This one's been dead for weeks." He unzips the body bag further, to show the disgusting autopsy lines in her gray skin. "Their Cylon is still alive." Sesha orders Dualla's death, calling her "the girlfriend." I love how Dualla's just totally an object now that gets held hostage and turns people down and applies pressure in a pretty dress, but has no inner life whatsoever. "The girlfriend." Billy jumps to Chu and steals his gun as the Marines storm the place, but Vinson shoots him. The Marines kill Vinson and Chu, and finally Sesha, who falls down dead across Boomer's corpse. Weird little quadrille, these guys. This is nearly the position Adama found himself, that day he met Sharon on Kobol and tried this exact same thing -- revenge on her for another Cylon taking something precious from him, in a fashion he in turn employed against Cain, who died for perpetrating the same kind of straw-man piñata crimes Sesha wanted to do. Like it would give any of them peace. Or even satisfaction. Or make it stop hurting. The price of being the father of all humanity, the Adam, is having to sacrifice parts of yourself for them -- and that's what dead Boomer is, now. The Marines do their yelling thing and Dualla scrabbles in the glass, begging for help. This time around, though, Adama throws himself on the body of his son. "Lee. Lee, can you hear me? Lee! Can you hear me, Lee? Come on, son. Come on." Adama holds his hand tightly as Apollo groans, and Dualla drops to Billy's side. He is dead. She cries his name, over and over and over.

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