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Hi, Billy...

In Adama's quarters, Adama, the President, and Billy listen to the ever-helpful Radio Free Humanity on the wireless: "Speculation continues that Galactica is harboring a Cylon agent. Eyewitnesses claim to have seen one of the known Cylon models moving in and out of Galactica's brig. Admiral Adama has made no comment on this situation." ("Also, the same eyewitnesses have noted that Vice-President Gaius Baltar is a dangerous lunatic, talks to himself, beats himself up, and molests people in the restroom daily.") Billy is impassive to Adama's bewildered -- it's hard to glare bewilderedly without looking like a deranged murderer, but he does it -- confusion about how the press learned about his pet toaster, but Roslin's up-front: "I'm surprised that it didn't happen sooner. I'm told you've been meeting with her regularly, allowing her to interact with members of your crew." Wow, I never really thought about the fact that Roslin's not spent much time with Boomer since the...well, was it really Kobol? Minimal contact since then, right? So Adama probably does look kind of crazy to Roslin right now. Adama gives what will become his battle-cry: "She's a military asset, providing us with vital strategic intelligence." Billy -- who spends this entire episode in a spitting rage, for several fucking good reasons -- spits: "While we pray that she's not somehow...colluding with other Cylons." Adama talks a good game about how he'd "pull the trigger on her" himself if he thought she was a threat. "I think the Fleet may need to hear that," says Billy sharply, taking a beat or two before adding, "...Admiral." Adama looks at Laura with the tiniest smile of "Get this kid out of here or I'm gonna fuck him up," and she looks up at Billy. He doesn't even care: "Even more, they need to believe it." Remember when Billy was the voice of the common man, our privileged Nick Carraway witness, who was in a position of influence by just a trick of fate? How Roslin could rely on him to tell her when she was crossing the line? She'd ignore him, of course, but she loved him a lot anyway. I like that the show finally remembered that. I like that the show finally remembered Billy -- the beauty of him -- even on the way to what's next.

Outside Adama's quarters, Roslin could not be more proud of Billy. She's nearly bursting with giggles throughout almost this entire scene and it's beautiful: "Someone took their [sic] vitamins this morning!" Billy's sheepish, but Roslin gets overheated: "No, you're right. Keeping Sharon Valerii alive, allowing her pregnancy to continue -- there is no road map for any of this. Somebody, somebody has got to keep asking the hard questions." Billy agrees, and Roslin outlines a plan: "I wanna stay ahead of this. Acknowledge the Cylon's existence, and then make...some kind of case for her to stay aboard Galactica." Billy's not feeling that: "I think you need to trust the people. Use the press, tell them the truth." Roslin loves him so, so much. He gives this little speech and she just stands there, adoring him, as he says, "I mean, we barely know anything about the Cylons. And until we learn more, we're not gonna destroy the only source of information that we have, period." She snorts: "'Period.' That simple, huh?" She's about to, I think, go into a whole defuse-the-Billy-bomb song and dance comedy act for him, but he spots Dualla and asks to take off and talk to her. Laura does that tiny humming thing as she laughs at him, just completely fucking with him -- using basically her eyes and the corner of her mouth -- but he's too stressed. She watches him go and hopes really hard on his behalf. Billy, don't be a hero.

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