Battlestar Galactica

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Jacob Clifton: B | 2 USERS: B+
Hi, Billy...

Lee's bed cuts to Sharon's cell, a wide shot from above, ninety degrees from his, slowly turning. Sleeping Apollo, the sacrifice to rage, is replaced by the sacrifice he and Billy replaced, who lies awake, hands over her belly, having once again narrowly missed paying twelve worlds' worth for what her people have done. What is she thinking about? Is she playing with them? Is she planning something? Is D'Anna (the only uncompromised model left, right?) coming back to save her and the baby? Will Helo turn? Or is she counting the chips she has left, and wondering what they'll do to her when the baby is born? What they'll do to the child? Staring up like that other Boomer, in the morgue, the one the others loved, those others that she can remember loving. The music is troubling as the camera creeps up Boomer's body, slowly, the curves of her hands, stomach, breasts becoming sinister, fading into her face, off-center, one eye obscured, staring blankly up. Fade to white.

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Battlestar Galactica




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