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Hi, Billy...

In some kind of barracks, Billy holds up a ring for Dualla. Now, in regular life, I can identify with her anyway -- she's fickle, whatever. But Billy! You've known her somewhere on the lower side of between 189 and 222 days! I realize that the world ended and basic human makeup means there will be a baby boom in about three months, and that Adama and Roslin were looking directly at you when they talked about making babies ASAP, but you don't actually have to go along with it. You and Dualla should learn some basic things about each other -- like if either of you are sleeping with Apollo -- before you take this step. On the other hand (even though he knows a jeweler), "I know it's just my debate team ring, but it's the best I could do." Ugly old clunky old sad old debate team ring, hanging there in the air. It's pretty heartbreaking. "This really isn't how I planned it," he says, and then Dualla's jaw drops as he slips it onto her finger -- and this is where you would maybe, like, say something, but she's clearly just had her mind blown. She opens and closes her mouth a couple of times, looks over here, over there, up, down, like this girl can hide a single emotion, but anyway Billy's off on a thing: "I love you. I've loved you since -- since the first day I met you. I mean, you were half-naked, granted..." He giggles, she looks down. He knows she's on the verge of turning him down, so he keeps talking, backing off her verbally but trying to negotiate with what's about to happen: "I know that I kind of blindsided you with this. Okay? I mean, it doesn't have to be tomorrow. We can take our time." She looks at him and they are silent, and even though he dropped the Defcon of the proposal twenty steps just now, really quickly, it wasn't enough: "Billy, I can't marry you. I don't know how else to say it." His lips get tight and he stares, thinking: "I should have been like, 'Actually, let's not even get married. Let's pretend we don't even know each other.' Maybe that would have been enough." She apologizes, he looks down, swallowing compulsively (which is awesome, because I never noticed that people do that, that little detail -- maybe that's where "swallowing your pride" comes from?), and she puts the ring in his hand and leaves. He gets to do more awesome acting stuff in this episode, of course, but this scene itself is really great: small and subtle and like, he stands there, alone, in this awful barracks room, and he...stutters, with his hands, in putting the ring back in his pocket. This tiny little "oh fuck" flail, like he might punch something if he weren't Billy, and it's so well done, and very sad, and his ass is doomed.

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Battlestar Galactica




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