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So off of Dualla's 404 regarding "you should have told me about this," Ellen enjambs on the subject of how "'s hard, you know? To choose the people we fall in love with. To love only one person at a time." Bored of this crap so, so fast -- because Love is for Grownups, and neither of them actually are -- Apollo sees Dana Delany acting sketchy. Finally. She and Baltar could have a twitch-off any day of the week. But apparently nobody would notice anyway. "People like us," Ellen continues, "are more complicated." This gets Lee's attention, the "us," and he looks away from Dana Delany all, "The hell?" But let's think about it: ambitious? Check. Puts his own ethical system above the letter of the law? Check. Loves Bill Adama but also kind of hates him? Check. Loves to hate/make out with Colonel Tigh? A world of check. Capable of carrying on parallel romantic relationships with more people than you have fingers on which to count? Check. Frequent beneficiary of the exasperated indulgence of Laura Roslin? Check. Frequent bouts of fantasy involving a threesome with Kara Thrace and another party? Check. You guys, they actually are the same person! I wonder if Apollo loves magic jewelry as much as Ellen? We know the entire cast are all huge fucking fans of fresh, delicious grapes, so they've got that in common.

Dee makes a sad face and apologizes, and Billy snits, "I'm here with friends." O.R. you? Because a second ago, you were here on business, and in a few minutes, we'll see you knee-deep in boobs, so...well, maybe it's those aides we used to see all the time, which means it could easily be all three. Billy seems like the kind of sweet guy who has way more girl friends than boy ones. The price of symbolizing the Fleet's humanity is becoming a sacrifice yourself.

Sesha's acting odd, some more. Apollo gives a well-played, casual "conversational topic" segue: "You're a regular here, right? You ever see that woman before? In the corner?" Ellen says she doesn't know her, but that she saw her when she came in, "and wondered when they were gonna start enforcing a dress code." Lee finally sees the gun, cleverly hidden in plain sight this entire time, which has been sending out a high-pitched emergency whine since before the credits, in addition to the huge red arrow pointing at her head that says "ARMED! CRAZY! PASADENA FUCKING RULES AND IT NEVER STOPPED RULING!" He gets all herky-jerky, as does the camera, and he says in a tight-lipped but not emergent manner, "Ellen, the bathroom's over here." She gets plosive and fake-scandalized and double-checks, "Are you serious?" As he drags her crazy ass off from the total bullshit about to go down, she giggles in that Joey Potter way where your tongue is sticking out between your lips. People, it's not as cute as you think. The editing is weird, because you can't tell if Apollo even looks back at Dee, but of course it's to be assumed. We do see a quick shot of her making a really fucked-up face, but I think it's just an odd angle on a shot intended to show us that she's wondering where Lee has gotten off to, and wondering about the bitter impotence of Billy's sudden rage, and maybe boredom.

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