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Inside the bathroom, Ellen still has her drink in her hand. Because this show is in space, it has vapors coming off of it due to the very space-age dry ice inside. I looked it up, and the whole "dry ice equals poison" thing is a myth. The reason you don't eat dry ice is that it will give you frostbite on the inside of your body. Which is compelling in a way that "chemical poisoning" kind of isn't. Point being, as long as Ellen doesn't eat the dry ice, it'll be fine. Something tells me she won't exactly feel it bumping up against her lip, either. Lee leans in, and Ellen gives herself willingly to his mad embrace, but of course it's not a kiss, it's him clapping his hand over her mouth. Thinking he's getting some kind of frisky scene going, she's all agog and trampy and awesome: "Lee Adama, you amaze me!" I love Ellen; she's like the kittenish yet terrifying Cousin Serena on Bewitched. You love her, but you don't want all that coming right at you. He shushes her and she's...intrigued by all the goings-on. I don't blame her. I would assume, in this circumstance, that I had just won fifteen hundred bucks (cubits?) in the "Lee's intense repression has to have made him a sex freak by now" office pool. Come on.

The thugs, clutched around Sesha, give themselves a pep talk. And by "pep talk," I mean "a shot of the old Sagittaron Courage." Sesha signals one of them, name of "Chu," to close the blast doors on the lounge. He does, and she immediately starts firing her at-no-point-concealed firearm into the ceiling. All of Billy's friends are hot chicks, yep. Well, maybe they're hookers, completely out of nowhere. I heard that can happen. Or maybe Billy's moonlighting? "Vinson," the main angry thug, herds all the people to the bar so that they can all be scared in one single area. Chu follows his lead. Now that I'm thinking about it, everybody looks like a hooker. I wonder if they're all there trying to get antibiotics for their kids? That's so sad. Through the cracked door, Lee counts the perps as Ellen gasps a little OMG-type fake prayer to the Gods. Something tells me she doesn't feel it bumping past her lips, though, since they don't turn black or fall off.

Adama's quarters. Boomer would like to know if it is true that rumors of her existence on Galactica are spreading through the Fleet. Oh -- prepare for Boomer to act really, really weird this entire episode; unless I miss my guess, this is in some kind of inorganic and hammered-in "foreshadowing" for some kind of upcoming bullshit where we're supposed to distrust Boomer and she'll do something scary and then we will find it all turned around on us again and we'll think maybe not and we'll be even more confused than ever, in an upcoming episode. Probably, the way this season's going, next episode. This is why I didn't care if they threw in a scene of Lee fucking that hooker earlier, because you can tell. I mean, I'm unspoiled, but that's what it feels like to me. I was right about Ernestine, wasn't I? And getting shot only in the cancer. So anyway, Adama doesn't even dignify: "I'm interested in navigational weaknesses. Wormholes, dark matter blind spots. Likely ambushes." Boomer's game, although it's kind of sad that he won't even acknowledge or reply to her question, like she's just a talking computer spitting out coordinates. Which, yes, she is, but Adama's not doing it authentically, he's trying to get a handle on himself. Boomer: "I would avoid these pulsar pointers because of dradis interference. If I was gonna plan an ambush, I'd do it there. It depends, Admiral. They adapt to your every move." She looks at him all creepy because that line is totally symbolic of the fake tension this episode sets up between them: "Every move triggers a counter-move." Adama: "Adapt. That's what you're good at, right?"

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