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Colonel Tigh is...Irish, today? That's weird. Maybe he's got some kind of accent deal where he becomes what he drinks, like Alice. Tomorrow, Jamaican. "You know [mon], if people knew how much you've relied on that thing's so-called intelligence, they'd be scared out of their wits." I am assuming that we would be, if we'd known, but we didn't, so it was fine. Adama asks if Tigh's afraid of Boomer, guaranteeing that he'll get pissy and retaliate and make it an attack on Adama's judgment. Which is funny, because Adama is a grandiose, like megalomaniacally big damn liar, and he has the E.Q. of Isaac Mizrahi, but his judgment is actually infallible. And in the other corner, Saul Tigh. You know? Tigh: "The truth is, I don't like the way it's gotten under your skin." Adama gets his GLARE on, way harder than we've seen lately, at this implication that this something contradicting every scene onscreen thus far (...which somehow passes for character development. Just add water! Less waiting!) might be true, and pointed right at him.

Then Roslin starts crying, and Boomer's creepy, and it's the end. Next week: Raptor pilots in peril, Lee's career on the Pegasus brings all the boys to the yard, and That Guy Who's Not William Hurt gets his authority questioned. See you next week! Boom boom boom.

That's the recap equivalent of this shit. You feel me? So back to the lav again with Ellen and Lee. How interesting to think of her being his new Roslin mommy, to signify his complete apathy and self-destruction or whatever...oh, we're done with that? Sorry. They watch Sesha stalk around with guns and whatnot, and Apollo starts searching the bathroom, all the stalls, with Ellen taking her husband's usual role ("What are you doing? What are you doing?"), and he explains -- while opening a service hatch -- that the pressure doors are very strong, because they are built to "withstand explosive decompression," meaning that only a "raft of high explosives" will get the incoming cavalry inside. Alternately, they can make the hostageers open the doors for them ("Open the door for us? Why would they do that?") by using Ellen's dry ice to confuse the CO2 sensors in the lounge. I like how Lee Adama, whose every problem in life and each episode is a lack of oxygen, is finally using this fact for the powers of good instead of getting in over his head. On being told to stay calm and stay put, Ellen of course immediately clops off into the main lounge, announcing to the thugs that she is prime grade-A hostage material, because she is nuts. Sesha starts the speech she must've practiced a hundred times: "We are not criminals. We are members of the Fleet, just like you..." Ellen tells Sesha that she is the wife of the Galactica XO, characterizing this as "the worst mistake" of Sesha's life instead of a total hostage situation bonus for them, which is actually what it is. Such is the general power of Ellen's intrinsic hysterical nonsense that Sesha is fooled into getting worried -- shit just got real. (And she's right. The episode gets kind of fantastic at this point.)

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