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In the pilots' quarters (and yes, the door is locked), the kissing is getting pretty intense. They start to undress each other in a very "I've wanted to do this since Zak was alive" kind of beastly, sad, sexy way, and the way Starbuck's going for it, Apollo's going to have bruises. She pulls him down on top of her, flashing back to Anders pulling her down to a bed. Lee starts to get weirded out, because she's hurting him, and begs her to slow down because this isn't how he imagined it. She flashes back again, this time to her straddling Anders as she's pulling Lee down onto the table, but instead of this slowing her down, she just gets angrier and more desperate and more sad. "This isn't a race," Lee yelps. "Kara, what's going on? What's going on?" She smiles, the angry one: "What's wrong with you, all right?" What's wrong with Lee is that he loves her, but is being pulled in about six different directions, romantically, and this is the one direction that's turning really ugly, really fast. He looks down at her, sad, hurt, realizing they're in a bad trap. He doesn't speak.

"Okay, you know what? I don't wanna know. I don't wanna know." Girl, you have no idea. Kara pushes Lee off and starts dressing. "Hey," he whines, "what about us?" She laughs. "There is no us, all right? I just wanted a good lay. There is nothing here. Do you get that? Nothing." She dares him to say otherwise, but he gives in so easily that she just screams, "My gods!," exasperated. He comes in again, this time like a friend, over her shoulder, on a bunk: "Hey." She stands up and seems ready to shoot him. "Well, that's just great. Frack or fight, huh?" He steps right up in her business: "Okay, maybe I am just a quick lay. But, Kara, I'm also your friend." True. She takes advantage: "I am hung up on a dead guy, okay? And it is pissing me off. And I don't know what I'm doing." Nice to know that, even now, she can tell him parts of the truth. Lee turns and thinks about this, the crush part and the best friend part engaging in a brief war: "Anders, right? On Caprica, the resistance fighter." Kara pushes this off, because "Samuel" is dead, and Lee starts to give her a speech starting with "For once in your life..." but Kara translates this as pity. Lee: "You haven't got my pity! Listen, you are fine. You're fine with the dead guys. It's the living guys you can't deal with." Which is ironic on all cylinders but still true. She slaps him, and they look at each other, and she grabs his face, kissing him roughly. Lee's hands don't know what to do. She pushes off, and he's a little angry and intense by now, even though the last kiss was basically an apology for being a freak, and Kara grabs the bottle and swings out of the room.

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