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Kara turns to the crowd, and Adama is proud of her, all the old guard know what she's just done, because they had to do it too, once. The pilots cheer, and Starbuck raises the bottle. "To BB. Jo Jo. Reilly. Beano." She almost starts crying. Lee looks at her, so involved it's like there's nobody else there. It's not like he knew she was lying, but he...pretty much knew she was lying, when she said she didn't remember them. "Dipper. Flattop." She starts to lose it here, then rights herself. "Chuckles," she smiles. Kat squeezes back a tear. "Jolly. Crashdown. Shepherd." Hotdog watches, fairly broken by this point. "Dash." She's now forcing them out. "Flyboy." Helo breathes, slow and steady. "Stepchild. Puppet." Duck closes his eyes. Adama is proud, and sad, and hurts. Tigh wells up with tears. You got me, show. I'm back. Fucking Tigh? You got me with Tigh? It's one of the best shots of the episode, just a wonderful tiny sliver of a shot of Michael Hogan doing the actual thing that was born to do. But Tigh? My only love, sprung from my only hate. That's rough. "Fireball." The wall is for the Colonies, but Kara is for the fallen. (I'm now so upset by the whole Tigh-got-me thing that I pull a Starbuck and start naming stuff around my apartment: "Ashtray." "St. Clare." "Captain Oats." "Peyton Manning." "Superman." "Patty Hearst." "Ganesh." "On Man And His Symbols." "Whitechocolatespaceegg.") Kara looks at them, and doesn't move. She closes her eyes, exhausted. Lee knows her better than anyone else, and steps forward: "To all of them." Kara looks at him gratefully, for breaking the silence, and Adama speaks: "So say we all." Tigh's lips quiver and I go back to naming things. Everyone: "So say we all." Kara repeats it (and I note that Tigh already has his mug to his lips): "So say we all." She takes just a tiny, tiny sip from the bottle, and stares out at them.

The theme from The Deer Hunter (yes, it's wicked appropriate, if you're not into chasing references) begins to play and we cut to Starbuck and Helo sparring in the gym. "I could have done it, you know. Could have taken out Scar. Head-on pass, straight for him. Just needed to get a little closer." Helo wonders why she didn't. Starbuck: "Probably would have died in the process. The bastard was too good. Couple months ago, I wouldn't have even thought about that." She's pretty grossed out about every single word in that sentence. "...Would have just gone for the glory hoping I could pull it out of the fire somehow." Which is the thing that Kat took, at the beginning of the patrol, but hopefully she left it out there too. "Quit kicking yourself," says Helo. I love Helo. He's like eight feet tall and gorgeous, and could probably lift a house and throw it several feet, but all he does instead is tell you how special and lovely you are, and how much he loves you. Even if you're the ex-boyfriend! Even if you attack him with a monkey wrench! What are monkey wrenches to him? Nothing but obstacles to him telling you how wonderful you are; a break in the conversation. What a guy.

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