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Meet The Fokker Dreidecker

"You did the right thing, and called in your wingman. Okay?" Helo's so loving, and so, so does not get it, because Raptors aren't about glory, they're about utility. If he were truly capable of understanding just how much Starbuck's lost, he would have flown Vipers in the first place. Or maybe he has an inner-ear disease or something. I'm just saying, he's the perfect guy to have this conversation with. "Scar's dead. You and Kat came back alive." He says this looking Starbuck right in the eye; she can only manage it about half the time. She starts talking about Anders, how she can't get over "this insane hope" the he might be alive, and pleads with her eyes for Helo to understand, or tell her why it's not true, or otherwise help her out of this. Helo: "You've got something to live for now. Not just die for." I'm dubious about the actual truth of the underlying concept, but, like, Helo's not the person you go to about codependence or selling yourself out for the person you love. He's the person you go to for big strong hugs and occasional boxing matches. Starbuck takes him out and he rolls around on the ground, laughing, as she pile-drives onto him, and they giggle like children as he taps out, taps out, taps out.

Turns out I love this episode. Thanks to bluedevilblue, hushpuppy22, wisteria, and of course adonis23, as well as a host of other users, for their surgically intense interrogation of this character and this episode, not to mention radically affecting my own personal reading, this week. If you're actually still reading this recap, chances are you'd like the forum discussions currently underway on this very site. Either way, next week: the fucking very awesome Dana Delany reminds everybody about a few plot threads when she and her militant terrorist group hold a bunch of people hostage (including Dee and Lee) after they learn about Sharon. Boom boom boom.

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