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Flashback to Galactica, the pilots' quarters. It's ninety-four hours ago. Reilly has died and they are clearing out the stuff from his bunk: weird figurines, religious stuff, gear, a copy of NYMPH magazine which is identical to our Maxim, but I'm assuming is from before the world ended. Which is somehow really, really sad to think about, lad magazines from seven months ago being your only girlfriend. Not in a sex way, but just...I think it would bum me out to be reading about Julia Roberts's next big project or a Bluetooth device I couldn't buy, or be looking at a photo spread of Eliza Dushku and think, "She'll never be naked again, because she was blown up by nuclear bombs."

Starbuck is, at this sensitive time, giving a "Don't Be A Pussy" speech: "Reilly's dead for one very simple reason. He couldn't control his fear." Kat is in Phase One, where she's trying to be supportive of her hero: "Yup, poor idiot cut and ran. Gave the toaster a free shot up his ass." Kat and Starbuck agree that he got spooked by Scar, and just panicked. Hotdog is sad. Starbuck calls Reilly "a good stick," if a little "short on guts." Duck -- who I either really love or really hate in any given scene; mostly the former this week but not here -- is like, "As opposed to Beano, who had plenty. Took Cally an hour to clean out his cockpit." Gross me out, Duck. Way to distance yourself. Starbuck should take notes on this. Kat wonders aloud about the dead guy's girlfriend's name, and Starbuck instantly says she doesn't remember. Duck offers "Karen," and says she died on Picon, and Hotdog thinks it's closer to "Kathy," and Starbuck is having none of this: "You guys, what does it matter? Gonna hold a little prayer circle? Good cry? The whole thing?" Kat's grossed out even though she must've seen Starbuck do this a hundred times, this "who cares, I didn't want ice cream anyway" approach to life, and says, "Actually, it does matter." Starbuck cuts her eyes at somebody, like, "What. Ever." It's interesting for several reasons. First of all, I think there's a difference between the dead pilot and his dead girlfriend, namely that he died in battle, just now, while the unnamed girlfriend died on Picon, at the end of the world. Forgetting Reilly is different from forgetting the UGF, because the former makes you a better, harder pilot, but the latter allows you to function. Secondly: Kat wasn't military, doesn't come pre-loaded with the whole "Morituri" thing. She got picked to train after a bunch of pilots died, and she is actually bad-ass now, but on these specific terms, she has more in common with UGF than either do with Kara, who's not very interested in civilians normally unless they are sports stars. Lastly: What are some other commonalities we can name between women named Kara, "Kat" Katraine, and "Kathy," "Kathryn," "Kassie" or "Karen"? Yeah. Hurts, don't it.

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