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Back to CIC, where Roslin's first line bleeds ahead: "This operation is vital," she says, "to the long-term survival of this fleet." Adama agrees, and of course Tigh complains that "they're grinding us down, Viper by Viper," and I don't understand why he even talks when he's in a mood like this, because it's always both obvious and depressing. Roslin wonders why the Raiders have stopped attacking en masse but, because she has this Exposition Infection, can only wonder aloud about whether it has to do with the destruction of the Resurrection Ship, which it obviously did. Just in case, though, Kara is going to ask Boomer about that. I guess on the off chance that Boomer will say, "No, actually, it's the Eve of St. Vigeous and they're about to come back with five times the firepower and a new Ernestine, like tomorrow. Good thing you asked!"

In Boomer's cell, with, like, six Marines pointing guns at Boomer, I cannot read Starbuck at all. She's weird about Cylons, particularly this Cylon, because it gives her a weather ache in the place where her ovaries used to be, but I'm not convinced that she's that simple, because when is she ever? "This guy's probably died and been reborn a dozen times," Boomer explains. "You may have faced him before." Starbuck acknowledges the underlying fact of this -- that Raiders reincarnate -- and then accidentally kicks the elephant in the room that Sharon's trying so hard to ignore: "Just like you?" It's somewhat painful for Sharon, who's like, "Oy with the robot thing already," but bites her lip: "Yeah, just like me." Starbuck's not happy about this info. Sharon explains again about how Raiders are: "Much like a trained animal, with basic consciousness and survival instinct. But with the destruction of the Resurrection Ship, when they die, they're really dead. So, they're not gonna mount mass attacks where they could have major casualties." Starbuck's still stuck on how Raiders reincarnate. Sharon starts the next line with a huge no-no, but gets interesting fast: "Makes sense [audience], doesn't it? It takes months for you to train a nugget into an effective Viper pilot. And then they get killed. And their experience, their knowledge, their skill sets. Gone forever. [This is why all companies now have wikis and constant lateral movement.] So, if you could bring them back and put them in a brand-new body, wouldn't you do it?" Interesting. "Death then becomes a learning experience." Creepy. This, though, and the fact that Kat specifically referenced this earlier, made a lot of viewers wonder about whether Scar is actually the Raider Kara scooped out and flew home, which was later stolen by Sharon, but that seems inordinate to me. Off her last comment, Sharon gets human for a sec: "How many pilots have we lost?" She catches herself, rolls her eyes sadly. "I mean, have you lost?" Oy with the pronouns.

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