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Meet The Fokker Dreidecker

Starbuck shakes her head and changes the subject: "You know, there are times when I look at you and I forget what you are." Sharon swallows sadly. "All I see is that kid that spooged her landings day after day. The kid that was frackin' the Chief and thinking she was getting away with it." Sharon looks down, crying, and I think Kara is ambivalent to this, but like I said, I can't read her in this scene at all so I don't know the percentage. Sharon smiles sadly, still crying: "Yeah, I remember." She leans forward to touch Kara's knee: "You were like a big sister to me..." but is cut off when the Marines cock and aim at her. Starbuck lets a bit of her anxiety about this situation show for a second, and she and Kara stare deeply into each other's eyes, but Kara makes the choice to cut it off again and stands up. She looks down at Sharon, like, "So, well..." and starts to leave; Sharon calls her "Kara," and asks her to be careful of Scar: "He's filled with rage. Dying's a painful and traumatic experience. Every time he's reborn, he's filled with more bitter memories. Scar hates you every bit as much as you hate him." Speaking as a Cylon, I presume, meaning "you" in the human sense, because she just a second ago self-corrected that particular thing, and not as a crewman, meaning Kara in the person sense. Unless he's actually that same beast again. Starbuck clenches her jaw and nods goodbye, and not in a terribly mean way, just in a way where she remembers how scary and conflicting the Leoben thing got, and is unwilling to get tied up like that again. Still -- she's gotta deliver the Cybrid, right? So they'll be having another conversation next week? I'm going to feel like a dink when that doesn't happen at all in any way, and it's like, fucking Baltar because, you know, he's a doctor and it's his baby (Crazy Six Math!) but until then, I'm going with my gut.

In the firing range, the nuggets are training on the large gyroscope thing that you only see at sad college campus presentations and gross roadside carnivals. You spin around in the thing blindfolded, get dizzy, then fire a weapon at a target. Sounds like good safe fun to me. "A Raider is a squirmy son of a bitch," Starbuck trainifies. "You won't be able to keep him in your sights for more than two seconds, so you have to deliver a killing burst within that time or he will turn and nail you. All that yanking and banking gives you one hell of a case of vertigo -- and that is what this chair simulates."

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