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In sickbay, Adama decides this is a good time to die. I guess Apollo comes by his melodramatic sensibilities honestly. The medic asks for a defibrillator, and is told that the power's unstable and that the batteries are at the aid stations. Figures. The medic sighs, "Well, then, get me a knife."

The Vipers meet the Raiders. They all whiz past the camera and the Vipers open fire. One of the Raiders has its glowy red eye going woob-woob.

Gaeta's monitor announces that a Cylon virus has been detected and is trying to get their Paypal password. Within moments, it has broken through the first firewall.

We get a Viper's-eye-view of an exploding Raider, and there's a tinny rattle as debris hits the Viper. Which is awesome. Apollo spots a funky-looking ship passing by. It's all lumpy, and the "head" is sort of off-center, and I don't know why that makes it look creepy but it really does. Brr. Apollo says that, whatever it is, it's headed for the Galactica. Well, isn't pretty much everything, though? Anyway, he and Racetrack swing around to go after the mysterious ship. The Basestar launches some missiles, and scores a hit on the Galactica.

The ship shakes, and Billy holds onto the bars of the Prez's cell to steady himself. The guard on duty steps forward and asks the Prez to pray with him. She steps forward and reaches through the bars to take the guard's hands. Billy watches and wonders why nobody ever invites him into the prayer circle. The guard kneels and says, "Help us, Lords of Kobol. Help your prophet, Laura, guide us to the path of righteousness." Oh dear. He goes on about salvation and and destroying enemies and so forth, and there's operatic wailing on the soundtrack as we watch the medic making an incision in Adama's chest.

In CIC, the calculations are about half-done, and the second firewall has been breached. And now, back to the cool shit.

The mysterious Cylon ship flips around and lets loose a barrage at Apollo and Racetrack. I believe that Apollo's Viper is dinged, judging by way he shouts, "Dammit!" The impact sends his ship spinning away. Oh, I think the Cylon ship has two little "heads," actually. Which makes it symmetrical, but no less creepy. During all this, there are also hundreds of explosions happening in the background, which might be flak guns. For all I know, they're fireworks. But it looks fantastic.

Ack! This is something that does not look fantastic: the medic cranking open a rib-spreader. Argh.

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