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Gaeta announces that the third firewall is down.

Spaceships go whir and zoom and pow. Racetrack tells Apollo, "Approaching Galactica's flak barrier. Cylon target within gun range." I don't know how anyone could follow this part without pause and slo-mo, but it's possible I'm easily dazzled by all the explosions. So, what happens is, we see Apollo's Viper in the foreground, and lots of flak explosions in the background, which pretty well obscure the Galactica. Against this background of kaboomsville, the Cylon ship is basically only identifiable because it's the thing that's got glowing engines but isn't bursting into flame. Oh, except then it lets out its own shower of sparks, and Apollo announces, "Winged it!" Racetrack points out that they're entering the engagement zone, and that he hasn't bought her a ring. Apollo says he's almost there, and then they're surrounded by explosions while Racetrack screeches, "Back! Back!" Apollo flips his Viper around and zips away, snarling, "I had it!"

From a different, more comprehensible, angle, we see the Cylon ship trailing smoke as it flutters down and smashes into the Galactica.

The power flickers in CIC, and Tigh rushes to one of the status boards as Dualla announces that the ship crashed into Galactica's starboard flight pod.

Apollo has flown around the Galactica to check out the damage. He reports, "You got a decompression in the flight pod. No explosion. No fire. Repeat, no fire."

Gaeta announces that the calculations are 80% complete, and the Cylons are through the fourth firewall.

Racetrack is pursued by a Cylon, and then rescued by Flyboy. Kablooey.

A pop-up window tells Gaeta that the fleet's position has been plotted. Tigh orders him to break the network, and Gaeta reaches down and...well, yanks some cables out of his computers. And yes, if you're interested, the monitor shows the last firewall going down as he leans over to pull the plug. Tigh orders the Vipers to return home so that they can jump. So the Vipers land, and they jump. Wow, that's the first thing in this episode that's gone smoothly.

The Galactica winks in, and we have to stretch this bit for maximum tension, which seems a little unnecessary. After a long minute, Gaeta reports multiple contacts, and we cut to an external shot that mimics the one from the teaser. Only this time the rest of the fleet is there. Cue the cheers and applause and handshakes. Woo. Tigh tells Dualla to find Cottle and get him on board.

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