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We return to Baltar's hallucinatory escapades in the Opera House, with the full orchestration and the twelve-part harmony. Baltar and Six stare down at the crib as Six blissfully asks, "Isn't she beautiful?" Baltar looks less blissful as he stares down. Then there's a weird shot where we're suddenly twenty feet behind them, and go zooming toward their backs as Baltar claims, "I don't think I have ever been touched so deeply in my entire life." Six says that he'll make a wonderful father. I assume she's blinded by love; I wouldn't trust Baltar with a goldfish. Baltar nervously asks if Six is speaking metaphorically, and Six replies, "She's our child, Gaius. Our little girl." Baltar turns to look back into the crib, and we see a pudgy little baby-hand. Not, like, severed and flopping about; it's still attached, we just don't see the rest of the kid. Six asks if Baltar wants to hold his daughter, and Baltar says sure, but insists that the baby isn't real, "any more than, uh...any of this is real." Six says that the baby will be with Gaius soon. Baltar blinks painfully and tries again: "I'm having a little difficulty..." He says that he wants to understand, and moves to the other side of the crib before asking, "You're the mother?" Six duhs, "And you're the father." Baltar leans down over the crib and a tear shimmers in his eye. Peculiar.

And, boom. Baltar's lying on the ruins of the Opera House, muttering, "Am I the father?" Cally, standing over him, says, "Excuse me?" Baltar sits up slowly and explains that he was dreaming. Behind him, the other soldiers move into view with Socinus on a litter. Cally explains that they're moving out, and pointedly says, "If you wouldn't mind carrying something this time, that'd be great." Hee. Crashdown looks around through binoculars while the captions remind us that this is the Raptor 1 crash site on Kobol. Selix injects Socinus with a drug called Serisone to help him breathe. I don't think it's a good idea to have a female character whose name starts with "S" and ends in "-ix" around. Unless that's intentional. Socinus immediately starts coughing, so I guess it worked. Now he just needs a lozenge. Baltar asks Crashdown where they're going, and Crashdown explains that they're moving toward the trees so that they can keep an eye on the crash site "in case Galactica sends a rescue party." Baltar doesn't like the uncertainty there, but his quest for reassurance is interrupted by an explosion in the distance. Everyone ducks and proceeds to panic. Crashdown quickly orders everyone to move out, and reminds Selix to get the ammo. Tyrol insists that they should check their supplies before moving. Crashdown snaps that there's no time, and away they go.

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