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Starbuck runs out of the museum, followed closely by Helo. They're just in time to watch the Raider taking off and zooming the heck out of there. Starbuck rather calmly tells Helo, "Bitch took my ride." Heh. That's a nice enough twist that I won't wonder how Boomer was able to work out how to fly the Raider so easily. And then we cut away before Helo can get all suspicious and ask why Starbuck was flying around in a Cylon ship. Paranoia is so entertaining.

Commercials. I would like to share interesting facts from the podcast, but I waited 'til the last minute to download it and now I'm having technical difficulties, so it's not going to happen. Maybe I'll just make up stuff. Or maybe I've been making up stuff all along! See, paranoia is entertaining.

Galactica. Tigh hurries in to sickbay and asks how Adama's doing. The medic engages in medspeak, which I'll translate as, "Not well." Adama needs surgery soon.

Cue the flashback. Tigh and Adama are in a bar, and it looks like Tigh's fresh from some brawling. There seemed to be a lot of complaints about the youngification of the actors for these flashbacks. Particularly Olmos's mustache. Which is funny to me, because it took me half of the first season to get used to seeing Olmos without a mustache. It doesn't bother me because, as some people noted, Olmos looks pretty much the way he did twenty years ago. Plus, I didn't think this was supposed to be set when Adama and Tigh were teenagers, so casting different actors would have been more distracting than helpful. Anyway. In the flashback, Adama insists that he and Tigh will get back into the fleet. Tigh is a little bit skeptical. The end.

The medic asks when Cottle will arrive. Tigh ums that it'll be a while, and after a moment, he tells the medic that she'll have to do the surgery. She gasps that she's just a medic, and Tigh declares, "Today you're a doctor." I didn't know battlefield promotions worked that way.

Tigh continues his rounds, popping in to the brig. Not the brig where Apollo and the Prez are; another one. Boomer sits in shackles in a large cell. Tigh enters the cell, and we see that guards are in there with Boomer, guns at the ready. Tigh menacingly walks around Boomer, staring at her. The bandage on her cheek is stained with blood, and I swear to you, at this point I thought, "Gee, if someone punches her right there, that'd suck. But it would also be funny." Boomer finally asks how Adama's doing. Tigh continues orbiting her as he grunts, "You bungled the job, if that's what you're asking." Boomer sighs, "Thank the gods," and Tigh promptly backhands her. Right on the jaw, too. Excellent. Tigh asks how many of their pilots are Cylons. Boomer doesn't know. He asks who ordered her to shoot Adam. She says, "No one." Then she adds, "Just get it over with, you frakkin' coward." Tigh punches her, knocking her to the floor, and then hits her with a blipvert of the door with the "3" on it. Er, okay. Tigh asks one of the guards for a gun, and aims it at Boomer's...neck? That's a little odd. Boomer tells him again to get it over with. Tigh remembers his basic anatomy and moves the gun up to the side of Boomer's head. Ah, that's better. But another blipvert of Adama at the door causes him to shove Boomer down, return the gun, and exit. Boomer sobs on the floor of her cell. So it's pretty much status quo for her.

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