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A guard finally uncuffs Apollo, who I think refused to wipe the blood off his hands just to gross someone out. Ew. Apollo tells Tigh, "You have my parole." He agrees that he'll make no attempt to free the Prez or "sow insurrection among the crew." I'd like to watch Apollo try to sow insurrection. Maybe that'll be the basis for the next comedic episode. He'll also come back to the brig when he's off-duty. Tigh grunts that the preflight briefing is already going on in the Ready Room. As Apollo heads out, the Prez wishes him good hunting. Apollo makes a big show of stopping to say, "Thank you, Madam President." Whatever, Apollo. He exits, and the Prez tells Tigh that she'd like to chat once they've found the fleet. Tigh harrumphs, "There's nothing to talk about. You went up against the Old Man, and you lost." And out he goes. Heh.

CIC. We pan over a nest of cables as Gaeta tells Tigh that the computers are networked and they're ready to jump. Tigh asks if the firewall is ready. On Gaeta's screen, goofy graphics appear along with a big "Firewall online" message. Right. Gaeta wishes Baltar were there. Heh. Tigh says that he'd "take [Gaeta's] work over that shifty son of a bitch any day." Gaeta clarifies that he didn't mean that he wanted Baltar's help; he just likes having him around. With that, the Galactica jumps.

On arrival, Gaeta immediately identifies a Basestar and a bunch of Raiders nearby. Cut to outside, where a million jillion Raiders begin to pour out of the Basestar, and y'know, I think they do hang inside the Basestar's gills like bats. Cool!

Commercials. Did you see how many Raiders there were there? I mean, there were lots. According to the podcast, there were more ships in that scene than there are atoms of hydrogen in the universe. I swear.

The Galactica's guns swivel toward the approaching Raiders. There's a beautiful wide shot where the Basestar and the Galactica are small shapes at the edges of the screen, and between them is the shimmer of ships and, I assume, missiles rushing toward each other. Pretty.

And then there are random numbers scrolling over Gaeta's monitor, because he's stuck in an episode of Whiz Kids or something. He says that they'll have the fleet's position in seven minutes.

Vipers are launched. Some goober named Flyboy woohoos. Racetrack tells him that, with Starbuck out of the picture, there's a pool on who'll get the most kills. Apollo orders them to knock off the banter. I guess he's seen war movies.

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Battlestar Galactica




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