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"And I suppose! You have someone! In mind?" No, no, not yet, nothing but that, don't be ridiculous, nothing of the sort, nobody at all. "Which is why we need to form a search committee and start looking for a candidate as soon as possible." Zarek tells him to eat a dick, and he leaves. To go do just that.

Hottie McManus talks to Tom later, on the wireless: "...Mr. Vice President Zarek, do you really believe that this government's in danger?" Zarek begs him to face the facts. The facts on the ground are these: "What we had these past five years isn't a true government, but a tacit agreement between a military strongman, and a political strongwoman, to rule together by fiat." Not untrue, not really questionable; not anything but a narrative the likes of which Gaius Baltar would approve. "I've heard you asked the Quorum to authorize the creation of a civil defense force?"

Romo drinks, as he's been doing for months; Romo strokes Lance the cat, as he's been doing for months.

"After what happened during the last military coup, we don't wanna depend on Galactica's Marines to guarantee our safety..." Lee turns off the wireless and looks at Romo, asking if he gets it. "Lampkin's first rule of legal dynamics. When an irresistible force meets a movable object, stand aside and wait for the class action suit." E pluribus unum.

"Except I'm not sure if it's to anyone's benefit, if we just sit around waiting to pick up the pieces. This thing's heading for a showdown. There's gonna be bloodshed..." Unless, Romo knows, we find this mysterious somebody. "Someone your father won't reject, someone the Quorum would approve of, someone to take Tom Zarek's place as interim President until the next round of elections." Lee snaps his fingers at him, just like a man, like an equal and a grownup: Exactly! You have put your finger on it, Romo Lampkin! A mysterious person! Romo takes off his shades, meaning we're about to go into the bad places. "Don't take the case, Counselor. It's a loser." That's the first test. In the Hero's Journey, the first thing the madman does is tell you to go home. Don't do it. Or do, I guess. It's really up to you.

"I have to. We have to."

Romo smiles, as he's been doing for months; he watches Lance walk across the room, as he's been doing for months.

"No one on the Quorum is going to lift a finger. Zarek's got them inhaling fear and exhaling anger. But you have taken the pulse of the Fleet, and you know character." Zarek has the air, but Romo knows the heart. And how to eat it. "And frankly, you need a reason to get out of this room. Unless you want to start discussing what's been keeping you here..." That last burns; Romo is steeled, and he turns.

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Battlestar Galactica




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