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Because It Is Bitter

Caprica cocks her head; the cat leaves and the shark comes in. "She's the real reason you're so angry, so worried. I can hear it in your voice. Why is a dying woman so important to you?" Saul shakes, with fear and no sleep. "Not to me, Godsdammit! To the old man." She almost smiles; Tigh sits down on the rack, at his wit's end. Having given her something she can't use, and wouldn't if she could, but still having given something up. Collaborated that inch that scares him so badly. She kneels before him, looking him in the eye. She takes his fragile body in hand, and smiles warmly. She becomes Ellen.

"Saul. Do you love me? Ellen: Be honest with me. I've been honest with you." Saul is shocked by this, because he doesn't know yet why she's asking. The PA goes off, Condition One, and he shakes it off. Saul takes his lover by the throat. He's a cat in a box. "This has gone too frakkin' far. I don't know what kind of mind games you are playing with me, lady, but it ends here!" He tosses her in the corner -- he takes something he loves and hurls it against the wall, in protest -- and she touches her throat and watches him go. The fragile bodies of us all. Remember:

God lay dead in heaven;
Angels sang the hymn of the end...
From the far caverns
Of dead sins
Came monsters, livid with desire.
They fought,
Wrangled over the world,
A morsel.
But of all sadness this was sad --
A woman's arms tried to shield
The head of a sleeping man
From the jaws of the final beast.


Tigh returns to CIC, where a random missing Raptor has just jumped onto dradis. Tigh asks for more sitrep and Adama responds easily, telling him the story. Giving him the information he needs. He's already made his decisions. This is the first test.

"Transponder checks out, it's one of the Raptors that boarded the rebel Baseship. No radiological signature. Racetrack and Skulls are on their way to intercept." Racetrack radios in: the mysterious Raptor is shot to hell, venting fuel and O2, not responding to hails. "Someone had to jump that bird," muses Saul, and Racetrack either turns into Samus or heads out for a really poorly CGI'd EVA. She gets the hatch of the mystery bird open enough to look inside: the screens are flickering and dumb, and the grav is out. Against the ceiling bobs a beautiful boy: Pike, Gonzo, the only one stupid enough to go up against Kara on Demetrius. Helmet frozen over, eyes clouded and dead. Bill is sad. Me too.

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Battlestar Galactica




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