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Because It Is Bitter

There's no pride, in his face. No love. Nothing but Romo Lampkin, in a box like a cat, thinking Romo Lampkin thoughts. The floor is empty; Lance is gone now. Romo is alone. Because somehow, he's so manipulative he just managed to Romo Lampkin himself: not the pretty picture, not the jaded mercenary who always takes a fee and believes only the worst of humanity. Not the Romo Suit. But what's underneath it, nobody knows yet. But I'll tell you this: if God loves even Gaius Baltar, you know He gets an almighty kick out of Romo.


Enjambment, perhaps, with Lee's oath still ringing in our ears: "This is a frakking joke." Bill shakes his head at Saul: "You're the only man I can trust to command this ship." Saul reminds him of the last time he played shofet, when the Gideon ran with blood. "Maybe you're crazy enough to pull a stunt like this, but you can't be crazy enough to leave me in charge." But Bill knows better: he's always seen Saul more clearly than Saul does. Particularly the parts that shine. "That was a long time ago. You're not the same man you were. You're not even the same man that came back from New Caprica. You've found out a lot about yourself --" Saul rolls his eye, predictably, like a horse on methamphetamines "-- Been tested in ways I can barely begin to imagine. You're ready." He takes off his Admirals wings; holds them in his hand. "Besides, don't count on this being permanent." Tigh, to his credit, keeps his voice from cracking: "What if it is."

"Put these on," Bill says. He's calmer and softer than he's ever been. His heart is somewhere out there, calling; it's getting closer. "Then you lead the people to Earth, the best way you can. The Fleet has stayed here too long already."

Aye; but, beloved,
When I strive to come to you,
Man's opinions, a thousand thickets,
My interwoven existence,
My life,
Caught in the stubble of the world
Like a tender veil --
This stays me.
No strange move can I make
Without noise of tearing
I dare not.
If love loves,
There is no world
Nor word.
All is lost
Save thought of love
And place to dream.

"Any other last orders?" asks Tigh, who has begun to pace. "Just one. Give Athena back her daughter. She needs her family." And you know? I don't think the model ship will be back. I think building that thing was just practice, for what he has to do now. "We all need our family. Take care of this one."

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Battlestar Galactica




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