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They almost make it. They almost get through this, arguably the largest thing that has ever happened to them in their lives (maybe Tigh slightly less so), happening in this room, all around them. They almost man up and get out from under it in time. But we know them better than that. Saul nods, slowly and quietly. Bill puts his hand lightly on his greatest friend's shoulder, and for a moment they look at each other, as if memorizing the moment and their faces. And then like a wave, it breaks, and Bill gathers him in, roughly. Saul shudders, and nearly weeps, and too quickly, it's done. He leaves, wings in hand, and Bill takes all that courage and faith and holds them tight, alone.


President Adama signs off on something, and Tory Foster gathers the pieces of paper and leaves as Romo's entering. He points to the dog on the couch and cocks an eyebrow at Lee: "One day in office, and you've already got a First Pet?" Lee smiles. "Jake here's a genuine hero of the Resistance, aren't you, Jake? Unfortunately, his previous owners had to let him go." Jake looks at Lee lovingly. "Jake, meet Romo. Romo, meet Jake." He tosses a ball across the distance between them; Romo catches it easily. "Your new best friend."

There's a funny little humor in Romo's voice and carriage: it's like he's a man, a person all of a sudden. There was so much to burn off! "If there's one thing I hate more than cats, it's dogs." Lee's pleased. He'll never take anything Romo says at face value again, he finally learned that lesson too. "See? A new pet for you to loathe. I knew it would be the perfect gift!" He grins goofily and leaves, wishing Jake luck. Romo rolls his eyes, almost giggling with pleasure. Somebody loves him, and for once it's not about proving some other point: it's Romo qua Romo. Lee tends the trees and the forest together, and the first one he planted will always be Romo Lampkin, whom somebody loves.

...When I had before me the summit-view,
It seemed that my labour
Had been to see gardens
Lying at impossible distances.

Adama chats easily with Lee as he packs. "I hear you're keeping Zarek as Vice President?" Lee admits it, but says he wants the advice, and something interesting: "And as long as he knows he's heard, I think I can trust him." Which is not only hopefully true and his Maier days are far behind him, but more than anything it reminds me of Roslin tossing Galen a dog biscuit for Danny Noon. "Oh, yeah. Your opinions matter. Now stop bugging me."

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