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Adama and Lee agree that, now that that they are both men, the stupid things that they do are up for discussion and critique, but won't be changed. Lee is dumb for not killing Zarek or whatever, and Bill is dumb for doing what he's about to do. Which is so awesome I might die. "The only difference is, you're gonna be President. I'm just getting in a plane." Lee clarifies this characteristic understatement: "Waiting alone in a Raptor, while the rest of the Fleet jumps away, that's not just getting in a plane. That... That sounds a lot like... Well, that sounds a lot like suicide, Dad." Lee would know, once upon a time. "At least this time I'm only risking my own neck," Bill says, and smiles. Hard to argue that one.

Lee's voice starts cracking all over, like it does: "So I guess it won't matter if, as President, I order you not to do this?" He's so pitch-perfect, I love that. He really has no idea what parts of him are ridiculous and which are legit. I love that guy. This too:

"I don't know if I ever told you this, but one of my first missions was a solo recon. Being alone in a Raptor in enemy space... I'm not going to lie to you, I was scared. I told myself that I was doing my duty, and ultimately I faced my fear. That's a good memory."

Lee asks why he's doing this, and his father's answer is very shocking, and very honest, and very beautiful, and very not a metaphor, and very about goddamn time.

"Because I can't live without her."

He grins, bright as five stars, and Lee cries. You can't ever see your father, I mean really see him, until you're a man yourself. Ergo, Bill couldn't do this, admit this to Lee or take off on this crazy-ass Starbuckian quest, until Lee became a man. Which is what just happened. This is how the dove takes flight.

"And Laura is gonna get to the rendezvous point. I have to believe that."


Bill "Husker" Adama boards the Hangar Deck in uniform, and looking quite spiffy. The usual tons of salutes attend him. At the wing of the Raptor stand the Twins, looking like respectable adults. Kara's still rocking her uniform, and Lee's in a nice suit. They salute him as one. If Bill looks at Lee, they'll both collapse, so he looks at Kara instead.

"What do you hear, Starbuck?" Nothing but the rain. "Grab your gun and bring the cat in." Boom boom boom. She grins at him, the fear pushed far enough back that it won't bother him, but it's there. "Keep a light on, I'll be back." She knows. She already did this part.

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