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Because It Is Bitter

Husker boards the Raptor and takes his gear. The Twins watch the hatch closed, impressed, and when it's done they look at each other, terrified.

Athena paces with Hera in her arms, humming the song to her. Sitting, humming. I mean to say that Bill and Saul took something broken, and put it back together.

The Raptor takes off and Bill puts on his headset. "Galactica, this is Husker. I'm in position."

Tigh, shivering on CIC, acknowledges, and then calls the jump.

Bill watches the Fleet vanish, one ship at a time, like the stars going out. One by one, his people, his family and his friends and his whole world, vanish in the black. For a moment they are everywhere and nowhere at once, and Galactica's the last to go, shining like a diamond, and then he is alone. He puts on his glasses, deliberately, and picks up the burnt Searider Falcon: a piece of her, until she comes back to him. He begins to read. All around him is just darkness, and stars like jewels, and hope.

Places among the stars,
Soft gardens near the sun,
Keep your distant beauty;
Shed no beams upon my weak heart.

Since she is here
In a place of blackness,
Not your golden days
Nor your silver nights
Can call me to you.

Since she is here
In a place of blackness,
Here I stay and wait.

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Battlestar Galactica




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