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Because It Is Bitter

Not that he's a dick, he's trying to do the same thing as Laura does, which is save everybody at once according to his plans. Frankly, I liked him more when he was a dick. The best thing about Tom Zarek, to me, was always Maier. Zarek tells them Laura's not been assassinated per se -- just the question shakes Tory badly -- and answers their pleas for information with phase two: "Clearly, our first priority is to get out as much verifiable information as we can to avoid exaggeration... To that end, I asked Admiral Adama to come and answer our questions directly. Unfortunately, he wouldn't take my call." The Quorum starts shitting themselves and Zarek's all innocence, like, "I know, right?"

Natalie stands in the shade of the trees, in her private heaven. Older than old, author of so many lives and loves; younger than young.

"President Roslin was apparently aboard the Cylon baseship, along with Gaius Baltar and many of Galactica's pilots when it jumped away, after one of their own leaders was shot aboard Galactica. We have no idea when or if they'll return, or if the President or the other captives will be subject to reprisals."

I wonder if every alliance has this many coincidental fuckups; I'm guessing yes, but I also think it's important for both sides of the equation that these two events become conflated: whether it's the reconnected Hybrid or hallucinating Athena, it's just a hiccup in programming. It wasn't human error.

Natalie reaches out, in pain, suddenly afraid. Offer your people death and see who steps up first to try it out. Cottle holds her hand, tightly; his eyes above the mask are infinitely caring. Hers are bifocal: even now, she can't help but project. His hand holds hers, but her heart is in the forest.

"For now, by the powers granted me by law, I have taken over as President." Giving another sign of his complicity, Jacob calls for a round of applause; they give it, scaring Lee. His father will never accept Zarek as a replacement for his lover, let alone as the leader of the free government. This is a family. We all need our family. Tom was never in the family, and Bill knows how wrong it can go, when you get behind the dark horse candidate. Rights of succession mean nothing: this is a family. We'll see another coup, or worse.

Or is there something else, too, just to the right of the fear, just behind knowing that? Lee Adama has never made a choice in his life, he's never had to weigh his desserts and his qualifications. Why should Zarek just step in like this? Why, when the family is torn apart, and Laura is dying, somewhere far away and cold.

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