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Because It Is Bitter

Adama scoffs, but Athena tries to explain again: I had a vision, a vision where the Six and Baltar were taking Hera away from me." He turns away, choking on it. Now everybody's getting visions. He's like, "I got a vision of a fucking cheeseburger. You ladies need to cut this shit out. Last time somebody said fucking 'Opera House' my girlfriend blew up."

"It was more than just a vision, sir. When I saw them together, I knew that they would take her, that they would take away my child!" That's a version. That's the Athena Suit: when faced with untenable alternatives, you consider your imperative. But that's only half the quote, from that old philosopher. The other half is what Adama's talking about. "You murdered an unarmed woman. And by doing so you put the lives of every single person in this Fleet at risk." As Cain said -- she was the old philosopher I was talking about -- "Look around you. Our imperative is right here. In our bulkheads, in our planes, in our guns, and in ourselves." Athena forgot that; she begins to cry as Adama reminds her she also killed the President and her husband. Or, sorry, it's Adama v. all reason, once again: she "quite possibly" cost the lives of her lover and his.

"You disobeyed the direct orders of a superior officer, but more importantly--" (More importantly? Hell kinda military you running?) "-- You betrayed a promise to me. I trusted you." We need our family.

"Sir, I will accept any form of punishment that you think I deserve. I just ask that you please don't take away Hera." But he's not hearing it: she took away his hostage, so he'll take away the star she steers by. "I'm afraid the brig is no place for a little girl. Guards! Get her out of my sight." Athena goes dark. This is her punishment, then. Not the brig: she made a home there. The absence of home. No love, no family, no life to call your own.

"At one time," says a Delegate, "Admiral Adama supported Gaius Baltar's administration. Isn't there a chance he'd support yours?" Not even on a sunny day. "I'm afraid only Admiral Adama can answer that," says Zarek, stirring the pot, and Jacob takes the bait again: "Then I will address this question to Delegate Adama. Do you honestly think that your father will hand over power to this administration?" Zarek smiles angrily and looks down, but I had to wonder: how much of this is theatre? Not even a fuckin' Sagittaron should fall in line this easy with what Tom wants; therefore, he's a collaborator. Right? He sets 'em up, Tom watches somebody else knock 'em down. Lee admits the truth, the thing he was afraid of and no hint of the thing behind that, and another wall falls down. 39,674 survivors.

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