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Murder By Number

Baltar lies on a bunk in a cell. The Prez greets him, and Baltar hops up to stand in front of her hopefully. The Prez says, "I'm so sorry." Baltar thanks her, and she sits down. Baltar, surprised, looks around and finally asks if she's going to let him out. The Prez calmly says that she wants to understand why he did it. Baltar whines, "I'm being framed!" The Prez asks why Godfrey would lie, and Baltar explains that she's a Cylon. "She's a Cylon," the Prez sighs in tones you would use for "The dog ate your homework" or "Your little brother logged in with your username." She says that she wants to believe him, because she wants to believe she didn't make a mistake in trusting him. Her eyes are gigantic. Or she's wearing more eyeliner than usual. Or maybe both. The Prez says that if anyone can be a Cylon, she has to trust her instincts: "The moment they told me it was your face in the photo, I knew I believed it. I believed you were involved in the attack. Somehow." And this, again, is nice, because her instincts are actually correct. Just for the wrong reason. Baltar sneers, "I don't want to be executed based solely on your gut feeling." The Prez stands up, stares for a minute, and finally whispers, "May the gods have mercy on your soul." Exit the Prez.

Helo and Boomer flip a coin to decide who's on watch. Helo kind of cheats, and insists that Boomer should sleep. He confesses, "If something happened to you, I wouldn't know how to deal with it." Boomer says that the feeling's mutual. Lightning flashes, and I suddenly realize that it's probably supposed to be night again. Or at least dark. Seriously, guys, stop with the night filters. And the staring into the camera. Oh, and the giant press conferences. Man, it's hard to pick one most annoying thing, actually. But back to the day-for-night scenes: I guess you could have someone talk about how Caprica has a moon made of tin foil or something, but honestly, just set the scenes during the day; it's easier. Helo awkwardly mentions that he knows Boomer was involved with Tyrol. Boomer says, "I think everybody [knew]." He says he respected their relationship, but he would have given anything to be Tyrol. Aw. That's so sad. Helo, you can do better. Boomer looks away, and Helo apologizes for putting her on the spot until Boomer suddenly yanks him down for a kiss.

On the Galactica, the other Boomer walks to her locker, looking sleepy. She does have fabulous hair, I'll give her that. She grabs what looks like a vitamin bottle and then turns to face the mirror in her locker and jumps. Someone has scrawled "Cylon" across it.

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