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Murder By Number

Adama and Tigh pedeconference. Adama asks how Godfrey got off the Galactica. Tigh says that no ships have arrived or departed, and adds, "I had two marines tailing her. They say they went around a corner and she was gone." As they arrive at CIC, Dualla says that none of the ships have spotted Godfrey. Adama grouses, "This woman existed. She didn't just vanish." He orders every ship to check again, including the Galactica. Then he spots Godfrey's glasses sitting on the, um, space-chart table, or whatever it is. He picks them up and repeats, "She didn't just vanish," with deep significance. Well. She did, actually. You just don't know how she vanished.

The Prez tells the reporters that Baltar was "a victim of treachery and deceit." She adds that the Cylons were trying to discredit Baltar before he finished work on the Cylon detector. She smiles benevolently upon Baltar and shakes his hand as the reporters applaud. Way to be professional, guys.

Domicylon. Six tells Baltar that he's a hero now. She leans over to rub his shoulders as she says, "Hard for anyone to accuse you of treason again." Aha. She ruffles his hair and heads upstairs as Baltar asks if that was the plan: "Build me up in the public mind by first tearing me down?" Six makes a "c'mere" gesture and walks upstairs. Baltar reminds himself, "Who am I to question the plans of Almighty God?" He follows Six upstairs as he asks one final question: "Did [Shelly Godfrey] ever actually exist? Was she ever really here?" Six unfastens her dress and lets it fall to her feet, and then enters the bedroom. Baltar gasps, "God's will be done," and rushes up, already tugging at his fly. And then we pull out, out, out, till the fleet is once again a few tiny blobs against a backdrop of stars.

Next time: Starbuck questions Leoben Conroy, and Boomer tells Tyrol that she's a Cylon.

Production tag, which I keep forgetting to tape: Moore waves a wand and says "No bones," and Eick collapses into a pile of cartoon goosh. Bonus points for the way his eye pops out.

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