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Murder By Number

Gaeta, Adama, Tigh, Baltar, and Godfrey enter the lab. Godfrey says, "Dr. Amarak gave the disk to me before he died." Baltar snarks, "What, as opposed to after he died?" It was at this point that I realized that a Baltar-heavy episode is fun to watch, but tricky to recap. He's stealing my lines! Godfrey ignores Baltar and says that the disk contains a photo taken by security cameras on Caprica the day before the Cylon attack. On the computer, we see a series of still images showing someone with his back to the camera entering a room full of computers. Baltar doesn't see the big deal. Godfrey adds, "As you can see, the man in the photo is carrying an explosive device." Baltar's face: "Guh?" He peers down at the monitor to look, and goggles upon seeing that the man is indeed carrying a bomb. Baltar says, "I definitely never did that." Hee. Godfrey explains that the bomb destroyed the defense mainframe. Baltar insists that it can't be him. Adama says that the man looks kind of like Baltar, but that it's not definite. Baltar huffily thanks Adama and asks if they're done with this. Godfrey puts on some serious-girl glasses and points out that the bomber's face is reflected in a computer terminal. Gaeta highlights part of the photo and zooms in. Tigh says he can't make out any details, and gets his own thank-you from Baltar. Godfrey suggests that they enlarge and sharpen the image. Gaeta says, "Enlarging the image is no problem, but, uh, sharpening it..." Baltar chimes in, "Would take forever," and nods very seriously. Gaeta admits, "It would take at least a day, sir." Baltar's face: "Yup, I'm safe because -- wait, what did he just say?" Adama orders Gaeta to let him know when the picture is ready. He adds that all work on the Cylon detector is on hold for the time being, and suspends Baltar's security privileges.

Flight deck. Cally is reading Starbuck's notes about the Cylon Raider to Tyrol, who has crawled inside the ship. Cally says, "She said the power-up sequence began by squeezing something that looks like a red ligament with blue veins on the right side coming out of a sack of gooey fluid shaped like a dog." Heh. Although, did they consider asking Starbuck to draw a sketch instead? Maybe she can't draw. It'd be nice if there was something she couldn't do better than anyone else.

Inside the ship, Tyrol is crawling through lots of icky tendrils wearing a little headlamp. He's not happy. And he's covered with goo, which makes me unhappy, too.

Cally instructs Tyrol to shift his weight "into the lymphatic sac." Tyrol calls out, "That's just stupid!" Goddammit, now Tyrol's stealing my lines! Cally giggles and then jumps to attention on noticing Tigh behind her. Tigh calls, "Chief?"

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