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Six Degrees Of Separation

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Murder By Number

Tyrol jerks, bumping his head, and grumbles, "God -- yes, sir?" Tigh asks how it's going, and Tyrol insists, "I'm getting there."

Starbuck hesitantly sets her feet on the floor and tries to stand. Her right leg is encased in a puffy brace. On the sidelines, Apollo is sort of being an idiot, and Dr. Cottle is watching and puffing on a cigarette. Apollo swings over to Starbuck on a pair of crutches and tells her, "Your pain is my entertainment." He hands over the crutches. Cottle says, "It's gonna hurt like hell, but it's supposed to." Starbuck glares and thanks him. As she starts to rock forward on the crutches, Apollo says, "No pain, no gain. No cliché left unturned, as Kara Thrace returns to the world of the walking. Can she do it or will she fall on her ass?" Starbuck grumbles, "I'm gonna beat the crap out of you both as soon as I get better." And then she sighs that she can't, and hops backward to the bed. Cottle says she won't get better lying in bed. Starbuck shoves the crutches at Apollo, and tells Cottle to frack off. Apollo suggests trying again in a few minutes. Starbuck says she doesn't want to try again: "I want a pill. Now, please." Cottle says, "We're weaning you off the magic pills starting today. And besides, I need them for myself." He wanders off.

Baltar's in a hallway talking to the Prez on the phone. She admits to finding the situation "hard to fathom." Baltar puffs on a cigarette and shakily asks if he could come back to the Colonial One. He explains, "I've left some of my things there," which I find particularly funny, for some reason.

Colonial One. The Prez says that Baltar's on a no-fly list, and gulps down a glass of water that Billy hands her.

Baltar insists that he needs to get off the Galactica, and hisses that Godfrey has it in for him. Intercut with this, we see Baltar marching around his domicylon, looking for Six. He also looks directly at the camera. Which can be an effective trick, but they use it a lot in this episode so it just became irritating. Back in the real world, Baltar plays what he thinks is his trump card, and very, very dramatically tells the Prez that he thinks Godfrey just might be a Cylon. He waits a beat for the Prez to gasp in shock. And then another beat. And then he says, "Madame President?"

The Prez has collapsed at her desk. Billy tries to awaken her while we hear Baltar saying, "Hello?" on the phone. Billy flicks on the intercom and tells someone, "Get Cottle over here now -- the President has collapsed."

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