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Murder By Number

Cut to Adama on the phone, telling Tigh, "Do not, under any circumstances, allow Shelly Godfrey to leave this ship." I tell Scooter, "Oh. Okay. Good." He also tells Tigh to have Godfrey followed "discreetly."

Caprica. Day 24. Boomer and Helo race across a creek and into the woods, followed by Cylon robots. The robots just trundle through the woods because trying to match the way water splashes in CGI would have been a royal pain. Plus their little feet might rust later. Although I wouldn't mind seeing a Wizard of Oz thing with a frozen Cylon begging for an oil can.

The Cylons look out from an overpass or bridge or something. And they look fabulous in this particular shot, I think because the lighting is so artificial already with the yellow tinting. This almost, but not quite, distracts me from the fact that Boomer and Helo are posed on an abutment in plain view. Helo's peripheral vision doesn't seem so bad when you compare it the Cylon's inability to see something ten feet away.

Gaeta watches the monitor as the computer processes the photo. He munches on something that's incredibly noisy, to the point that I'm wondering what the hell he's eating. The caption reads, "[crunches like peanut brittle]." Well, that clears it up. But do they really get snack food rations?

Oh boy! The bathroom scene! Gaeta enters the coed bathroom, lined with stalls, as a woman finishes washing her hands and exits. Wow, there is quite a cloud of steam over the sink. They've got powerful water heaters. Gaeta enters a stall, and then Baltar enters. He bends over to look at Gaeta's shoes, and then enters the neighboring stall. The camera lowers itself to shoe level. Baltar whispers, "Lieutenant? Is that you?" A beat, and Gaeta shifts his feet as he identifies Baltar. Baltar says, "So. How you doing?" Gaeta says, "Um..." Baltar quickly says, "You're busy! Well, I don't want to distract you! Please, don't let me interrupt you." Gaeta turns his feet inward uncomfortably. Excellent foot acting. Baltar taps his feet and whistles. Badly.

We cut to a shot of a sliver of Baltar's face through the door frame. So mostly we see one insane eyeball and a sliver of insane cheek. Baltar asks if Gaeta's still there. Gaeta says, "...Yup." Hee. Baltar apologizes for the awkward situation, but insists that he wanted to let Gaeta know how invaluable his help's been lately. Sliver-vision cuts to Gaeta as he says, "Thank you, Doctor. You have no idea how much that means to me." Baltar nods vigorously as he insists, "Not at all!" Then he asks, "How's it going over there?" Gaeta frowns and says,"Uh." Baltar quickly explains that he's asking about the photo enhancement in the lab. Gaeta figures it'll take a few more hours to finish up. Baltar's voice breaks a little as he suggests that the photo could be a fake. Gaeta says that he's authenticated the disk. Baltar babbles that there are all kinds of ways to fake these things, and that maybe he could come by the lab and help out. Gaeta hesitantly suggests that's not a good idea. Baltar whines: "For God's sake, Gaeta, my life is on the line! My reputation is at stake!" I love that he seems to value those two things equally. Gaeta starts to explain that his reputation is, too, but then the door to the bathroom opens. Baltar very noisily hisses, "Shhh! Someone's coming, someone's coming!" Sensible shoes click across the floor as a woman enters another stall. Then there's a flush, and Gaeta hurries out of the stall and out the door. Baltar rushes out after him and shouts, "You forgot to wash your hands!" Oh my. I think that's the funniest thing I've seen since the Angel puppet.

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