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Six of One

("But the boy glared at him with fierce eyes, spat in his face, and without a word of answer, drew his cross-hilted sword, as his father rushed forth in flight.")

The Admiral attacks Kara, dropping her to the floor and choking her. Sometimes, a person you love lets you down, most horribly. Shoots you -- or threatens to shoot the person you've sworn to protect with your life -- and just right there, before your eyes, becomes a monster. It's hard to figure out, when that happens. Especially if, after all that, you still love her. If you wept at her grave, and begged her, begged the Heavens, begged the Gods you don't believe in, "Why?" And at the point when they come from beyond to hurt you one more time, to show you a face and a friendly hand, you have a lot of options. Adama, probably he chokes the person. Two times out of two, he chokes her. Six of one.

"Nice to know you still care, Admiral," she grunts from the floor, and he slams her head against the floor one more time and leaves, slamming the cell door behind him. All he wanted was a Cordelia scene, a fatherhood moment, a reconciliation. He doesn't know she already pulled the Athena move, already handed the gun over, and got burned. How much we've all changed, since Kobol. No? Now she's in a cage, no gun at all, no agency, nowhere to go. She laughs, and cries, hysterical. Even him. Another father gone. He slams the brig door behind him, as she's screaming: "We're going the wrong way!" He's her family, and neither of them -- none of them -- belong here.

"We have all conferred with our models, and the results are in. The [Simon] Fours and the [Doral] Fives have joined us [Cavil] Ones, and they voted to reconfigure the Raiders." Shocking, Natalie snorts, and reports that the [Leoben] Twos, Sixes, and Eights have voted against it. Making it a deadlock.

"Hopelessly. But you were right, and I'm machine enough to admit that I was wrong," Cavil smarms. What does he mean? "Well, something extraordinary has happened. ...Eight!"

Natalie demands to know what's going on, but instead of answering, he looks offstage, and Boomer comes pirouetting out on her tiptoes, with her breasts exposed. Just kidding, but it would have been funny. No, it's just regular Boomer, wearing her sad fake Colonial fatigues, her sad Boomer face. "I'm not going to sugarcoat this. I'll just say that this Eight has voted to reconfigure." Natalie's horrified, and Cavil smarts off that he's shocked too. The Eight with Natalie looks sad, and Boomer stares her down. ("We love you, Sharon, and we always will." Remember that? That was her, my Brokeback girl, my Nature Girl, my Boomer. They just keep killing her.) Natalie freaks: "But no one has ever voted against their model. No one! Is this true?" It's true. She looks at them in absolutely pain: how can you look at her, this beautiful, sad woman, this gorgeous misery, this ugly calm, this exhaustion, and think this is a lie? Of course Boomer wants brainlessness. It's the only thing that makes sense anymore.

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