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Six of One

"Yeah, you know. It's funny, it's a lot like that. It's like the...distant chaos of an orchestra tuning up. And then somebody waves a magic wand, and all of those notes start to slide into place. A grotesque, screeching cacophony becomes a single melody." And as the beautiful, grinning score mirrors the speech, Tory stands up, visibly shaken, unsure if he's sending her a message or talking out his ass or sending her a message from his ass, worrying that if things are getting real, she shouldn't be seen there. Wondering if somebody just tipped their hand, and if so, if it was him or her. Six of one.

Alone, I guess it's no surprise that Real Gaius shows more chemistry with Chip Gaius than he does with anybody besides Six; besides her he's like Gaius's ultimate narcissistic ideal of all time. (And between nerdy you and nerdy me, how effing cool is this?) "Who the frak are you?" he asks, and "Am I supposed to be impressed?" he asks, and "You're me! Obviously!" And then he slows, wondering if this is Six, messing with him again, and blowing Chip's mind in the process: "Unless you're not me. Six? Is it you, Six? In disguise?" Chip asks the very apposite question of why she would need to disguise herself from Gaius, when he's the only one that sees her -- as though her shit has ever made sense to him -- but Gaius acquiesces. As Chip tries to get him on task (Tory, obviously), Gaius pushes and resists and asks about Six some more, but eventually gets Gaius back on track. I wonder based on that line of dialogue, asking where she went, if there's been a switcheroo here and he won't be seeing her for awhile. (Really, I'd like to see Caprica and Chip Six get down and do the actual Six Of One Tango. "I'm totally scary like a sexy shark." "No, I'm totally scary like a sexy shark, plus I'm wearing freshly laundered clothing." "Well, I can beat you up." "Well, no, because I'm invisible and you are crazy now.")

"Let's talk about Tory," Chip repeats himself. "Because we both know where this is heading. You like her, don't you?" And Gaius does a hilarious Krakow/Catalano thing where it's like he's been shocked back into latency and is so entranced by...himself...that he is just giving this performance for Chip's benefit. You know? Not like a gay thing -- well, kinda -- but like he doesn't really care about girls one way or the other, and Chip's pushing him into it. I'm not explaining it very well. Wikipedia latency, I guess. "Yeah well you know she's um she's a sexy lady end of line," he basically stammers. ("Isn't she beautiful, Gaius?") Chip's like, "Yeah, buddy," indicating he needs more heteronormalization from Real at this time. "You" This whole bit is like in Forty Year Old Virgin when he's explaining what breasts feel like. "You slay me, you really do, Gaius," says Chip, and practically nuzzles him. "She's more than all these things. She's special. And you feel it." They both nod: "Fragile." Baltar congratulates the Chip Gaius on noticing that, calls him observant, and then they both meditate on it for awhile. "Handle with care," Chip murmurs, and -- I would ask how much is theatre at this point, except if you're getting gay with yourself, that's not really gay, so...I don't know, Gaius Baltar has officially blown my mind -- Gaius allows as how he'd love to handle Tory with care. Little does he know just how big that job might be.

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