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Laura puts on her glasses to return to the work of her life, applying the strength of her hands and her brilliant mind to the salvation of humanity. She weeps, softly, and runs her hands through her hair. Apocalypse is relative. A hank of hair falls out, in her hand, and her body jolts; she places it on the table, takes her glasses off again, and begins to weep, in earnest, all alone. In a cabin in the wilderness.

Haemon: "That is no city which belongs to one man."
Creon: "Is not the city held to be the ruler's?"
Haemon: "Thou wouldst make a good monarch of a desert."

Lee enters Kara's cell to tell her that he's been nominated by Zarek to fill the last vacant Quorum spot. She giggles, "You're Zarek's wingman!" And he's so easy and natural, blushing and laughing with her, chained and on the floor: "All right, all right, you know, stow it, okay. I've heard it all before. The guy's a piece of work, I know. His head's as big as the house I grew up in. But I'm pretty new to all this, I could use the help. Besides, I never really could say no to anything." She swallows and wonders if she's going to go there; she's Kara Thrace, so of course she does. "...Except me."

Breathing -- Bamber fucking rocks this whole episode -- he returns the serve: "Especially you." He tells her he knows about destiny now, special destiny, the kind of thing that would take you halfway across the Fleet, away from family and the service, to labor in the creation of a nation, without a map or compass to get there. That his destiny is leading him away from the war and into reconstruction. Where you and I both know he's always belonged. Kara, most of all: it's all he's ever done for her, put her back together.

Starbuck smiles with sadness and loss in her eyes, and gives her amen. "So say we all." He nods slightly with a grin, in deference to her half-joking accusation of speechifying, even as the wonder in her voice belies it. "So say we all." And that's the end. Their deal is struck, for now. She stands and offers a strong hand, and they wish each other luck, on their journeys. This is the season now: the Twins separated, becoming adults, becoming grown. Their hands forget to let go, and they smile. "Okay." "All right." He clasps her with both hands and lets it drop, and turns to go. And just before the opening of the door, just before the journey can begin, just before the next chapter starts, she says his name, once, softly, afraid to break the spell. And he turns, and kisses her. First with passion, and then in simple comfort: her temple, her cheek, her jaw. Forcing bravery and strength from skin to skin, to keep her going in the weeks ahead. And the last thing Lee Adama says to Kara Thrace is this: "I believe you."

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