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But when you're looking at a girl in a cage, who unbending promises never to stop, that ceases to be the first question you ask. "Maybe, maybe not, but I know she is. The President. She's been right all along. I'm tired of losing. I'm tired of turning away from the things that I want to believe in." When he locked her up... No, before. When she died, and he crushed his family in his hands and hurled it up against the wall, he locked up his heart, too. Told Lee to go to hell, forgot about justice. It wasn't just Kara's resurrection.

"And I believe you when you say that you'll die before you stop trying. And I won't lose you again." She nods. She knows. "Now go. Find a way to Earth." She steps to him then, and holds him close. And these two souls, these two kin spirits, Husker and Starbuck, hotshots both, who've lost so much: these two are borne again, on the breeze and the light of the dawn, and remember what they are.

Boom boom boom. Friends, this wasn't meant to be so long. I've already cut so much. But I did want to say one last thing, and I know you're out there: I apologize. This episode was wonderful. Thank you.

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