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"Shoot me. If you think I'm a Cylon then I'm your enemy. Shoot your enemy." She slams the gun down onto the table, daring her: after me, after this, after Athena: tell me the name of your enemy, in the house of my father, and then shoot. "Take it!" ("If my present deeds are foolish in thy sight, it may be that a foolish judge arraigns my folly.") "I'm no more a Cylon than you are. And you know it." And Roslin prays she does, prays she could admit what she knows. Prays she could think the unthinkable, and thank the Gods for this miracle, and take Kara into her arms again.

"I've put my life on the line for this frakkin' ship. I have ate [sic], slept, and fought next to the people that I love. I have pissed off my friends, I have broken more rules than I've followed! I fracked up, okay, I messed up. But it's all that I have. Those people are my family. And none of us belong here." (There's a lot of great dialogue in this very great episode, but that's probably one of my favorite lines, ever, on this show. That's up there with "I didn't paint that symbol, Kara. You did.") I mean, talk about a statement applicable to everybody on this show and everybody off of it and everybody that we've lost. "Those people are my family, and none of us belong here." That's the entire point of everything, and it's so beautiful, and it's the one way you should be able to get through to Laura Roslin: those are her people. Her people. And they don't deserve this, this pain and this suffering and this misuse and this terror. These are our people and they deserve better. The fact that Laura doesn't lay down her burdens right this second is the first sign.

"O my city... Thou holy ground of Thebe whose chariots are many: ye, at least, will bear me witness...who have no home on the earth or in the shades, no home with the living or with the dead." Tigh spots the fallen Marines and keeps running; Helo gets worried. "Shoot me. If I'm a Cylon, shoot me!" And Laura Roslin reaches down, in one movement, marveling at the girl before her and the words coming out of her mouth: "They made you perfect, didn't they?" Fixed is not unbroken. They made you perfect, too.

Tigh hears the discharge and the squad comes running, busting into the suite; Matthias orders Kara onto the ground and Kara's as astounded as ever -- "What are you doing? Let go of me! Get off me! I am not a Cylon, Matthias!" It's almost hilarious, how put out she sounds. "I am not a Cylon! Jeez!" The Colonel takes the gun from Laura, nodding quietly to her, as Kara continues to struggle. ("And when, after a long while, this storm had passed, the maid was seen; and she cried aloud with the sharp cry of a bird in its bitterness...") The Admiral arrives, shouting nonsense orders, taking inventory, comforting the President, as they wrestle Starbuck to her feet.

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