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"Listen to me, please. I'm losing it. [Among other things] the ringing, the way to Earth. It's getting weaker. Don't you understand? Don't any of you understand? It was so... It was so clear, like it was coming from the next room." They stare at her, hard. "Stop looking at me like that. I can feel it slipping away. Even without jumping! As we move... it's half of what it was when I got here. Half. If we keep jumping it'll be gone, and we'll never find it again. I thought that's what we wanted. A way to Earth. Do you hear me?"

The Colonel shakes with rage, and orders her out. She turns her gaze first on the President, full of holy fire: "You better work on your aim, because I'm not gonna stop! You're gonna have to kill me!" And then to Bill Adama: "One more jump and it'll be gone! Admiral! Admiral!"

"O city of my fathers, in the land of Thebe! O ye gods, eldest of our race! They lead me hence now -- now, they tarry not! Behold me, princes of Thebes, the last daughter of the house of your kings. See what I suffer, and from whom, because I feared to cast away the fear of Heaven."

39, 676 survivors, after that abortive fight in the Nebula. One woman pointing east and the other pointing west. One pointing toward the dawn, and one holding the con in her hands, jealous and afraid. Mostly afraid, after all, I think. But the sad-ass trick of this episode is to remember that we're back in logic-problem mode, all through the story: how do you know when you know? If the Gods, or God, or the "original programmers," are telling us two different things, and aren't here to clarify, how do you know if you know? Do you stick with tradition, historical power, the received wisdom of the ages, the emerging aristocracy? Do you listen to Gaius, Zarek, and Dualla, and tear the system apart to start fresh?

When you're caught, every scene asks, between two untenable and terrifying alternatives, neither of which are correct. When you're in that place between one and zero, between life and death, between peace and war. Female and male. Human democracy demands that e every pluribus there must come an unum, and Cylon society is quickly realizing that everyone eventually degenerates into many; even their Gods are changing number all over the place, from one to many and many to one. So when the world demands two separate and antithetical actions from you, what do you do? Where do you go when you can't get out?


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